5 Father’s Day Crafts Including a Free Printable


Father’s day is coming up and Dads love homemade and thoughtful gifts too. Here’s 5 Father’s Days crafts that are fun for children to make and Dad is sure to cherish.

1. Paper Tie: There are patterns online and even directions for origami paper ties, but I simplified it by drawing the shape of a tie on card stock, the kiddos colored and cut out the ties, hole punched two holes at the top and then tied on a ribbon. Dad will love dressing up in this tie.

2. Hand or Footprint Keepsake: Last month there was a post about how children’s hand prints and writing on anything is a special keepsake for moms, the same can be said for dads. Some great things to hand or footprint for Father’s Day include BBQ aprons, coffee mugs, reusable water bottles, t-shirts, golf towels, and baseball hats.

3. Refrigerator Magnet: The sky’s the limit with this craft. You can glue on craft magnets to painted rocks, bottle caps, clothes pins, salt dough crafts, etc. A great magnet project for kids to make is a popsicle stick frame. To do this craft you will need 4 wood craft sticks, glue, 2 craft magnets, a photo or artwork.  Directions: 1. decorate the craft sticks  2. glue the craft sticks together in a square to fit the photo/artwork  3. glue the picture on the back  4. glue on two craft magnets on the back top corners of the frame. Dad will admire it every time he opens the fridge.

4. Homemade Cards: Paper, stickers, crayons, markers and more will lead to meaningful and fun cards for dad. This Pop out Card Post gives you step by step instructions that older children could make on their own.

5. Dad Coupon Jar:  A jar or container decorated and stuffed with personalized coupons is a great way to celebrate Dad and a fun craft to do with children. He can look through all of the coupons at once or pull them out randomly for a fun treat. We decorated a mason jar with ribbons and small wooden letters from a craft store using a low temperature glue gun. Click here for the Father’s Day Coupon Printable. 

For more ideas check out this Father’s Day Gift Guide.


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