Mifold: A Booster Seat Review


Recently our family traveled cross-country for a wedding in a big city. As all of you know, the planning of travel and logistics with kids is never fun. We were staying downtown and would not have a rental car. This meant that we would be relying on taxis, Uber, and public transportation. Which prompted the question; How are we going to handle booster seats?booster seat

What if I told you that in that bag in the photo, there was a change of clothes for two kids (because, boogers/food/vomit), snacks for days, activity books galore, and TWO booster seats?

I didn’t stutter. I traveled with two booster seats in that bag. Let me explain…

My brain wasn’t going to accept the idea of traveling to a large metropolis and lugging booster seats or car seats all over town. I had heard of BubbleBum, but did some more searching and came across Mifold. As a parent who loves a good latch system and five point harness, at first, I was unsure. Upon further reading and research, this seemed like a logical option. Current booster seats raise the child up to reach the seatbelt at an appropriate and safe height. Mifold brings the seatbelt down to the child and positions it across their lap and chest correctly. The sides slide out to three different settings to help guide the seatbelt across the child’s lap, pending the size of your child. The strap and latch that comes up the back helps to position the seatbelt on the shoulder. It had all of the components of a regular booster seat, but it was just presented a little differently. It is also compact enough to fit in a tote bag. At $44.99 each, I figured it was worth a shot. (Psssst… go to Buy Buy Baby and use that 20% off coupon sitting in your junk mail pile. “You’re welcome,” said in my best Maui voice.)

Upon arriving in the big city, pulling the Mifold seats out of my bag and getting the kids into an Uber was a breeze. It was much better than lugging car seats and luggage through the airport, wrestling and sweating to get them into an Uber or cab, and then getting to our destination only to have to wrestle them out of the car again. The Mifold seats were also a relief for me in that HAD we rented a car, I didn’t have to play the whole “let’s see how gnarly the rental car seat is” game. We navigated downtown effortlessly thanks to these seats. 

Another benefit of the Mifold seats is keeping them IN your car when you aren’t traveling. In the event you pick up a friend from school or help another parent out last minute, the booster seat piece is covered and everyone has a safe seat. No musical car seats. Also, it fits in your glove box! (Well, pending how many containers of wipes and random stuff you have jammed in there like I do.) 

The guidelines for using the Mifold are similar to a regular booster seat. It is recommended that, at the minimum, the child be 4 years of age, 40 pounds, and 40 inches tall. Pending that your kiddo meets those criteria, I would definitely recommend looking at this seat as an option. If only for travel.

The opinions shared in this post are completely my own. I was not compensated by Mifold in any way for writing this post. I doubt they will know I wrote it. I just wanted to share a product that helped make our recent travel a little easier. The decision of which car seat to use for your child(ren) varies from family to family and recommended guidelines can be found here.