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Scottsdale sports and activitiesWith summer just around the corner, I know that many of us are on the hunt for Scottsdale sports and activities for our kids. While some people are searching for all day summer camps, some of us fall into the category of just wanting to find some activities here and there to keep our kids entertained, but also keep our sanity. Additionally, with many of us having kids at such a young age, it is a bit of a trial and error process in finding activities that they enjoy, but also don’t blow the family budget trying everything under the sun. Because, raise your hand if your kid begged to be signed up for soccer and then told you two practices in that they hated it. I thought it would be worthwhile to share a few of our family’s favorites here in Scottsdale, and hopefully help someone else with their summer activity schedule.

Swimming: Kim Courtney Swim School. As a former lifeguard and competitive swimmer myself, I cannot say enough great things about Kim Courtney and her team of instructors. I will be straightforward and let you know that the kids are not coddled here. Learning to swim is a serious issue of safety, and it is treated as such. Both of my kids have gained confidence and improved skills in their swimming after taking classes here. Also worth noting is that my kids have absolutely been the screamers in class at one time or another, and the instructors handle it and work through it – meaning that crying long enough does not equate to getting to skip your lesson. They have options for four classes a week for two weeks -OR- two classes a week for four weeks. Another great thing I love about their program is that they offer a Developmental Swim Team for kids who are clearly moving on from lessons, but aren’t quite ready for full on competitive swimming. It is just an all around great program! 
LaCamarilla Tennis Club. I love this option for their weekly classes and also for their summer camps for the younger crowd (they do start as early 7:30am to try and beat the heat). Coach Mary runs the show here and she pushes the kids to do their best in a positive but assertive way. Their team of coaches are also great with the kids. Our three year old leaves the class feeling accomplished and has fun. The shorter summer clinics are a great introduction if your child wants to try tennis without signing up for a 12 week course.

Scottsdale Gymnastics. I know that this place is popular among the Scottsdale crowd, but there is a reason! While they offer so many great camps and classes, one of my favorites is their Tumbilina class for the younger crowd. It is a combination class where the first half of the class is ballet and the second half of the class is tumbling. This has given our three year old a chance to try two activities in one, and learn which she prefers. Plus, they wear a super cute uniform for the class. 🙂 Parents are not encouraged to stay for the class, so I may or may not be found at the nearby Sprouts grocery shopping ALONE during this glorious hour. (PS – Can I give a shout out to this place for their birthday parties too? If you are looking for a place to host, consider SGT! Each party is assigned coaches who not only engage the kids in play and participating during the party, but they are also awesome with set up, clean up, and helping to serve cake and food.) 

Golf: Kierland Golf Club – AZ Junior Golf. If you are looking for a great golf option for your child, we have been so happy with the instructors at Kierland. They offer classes once a week and you can sign up on a month to month basis. They do a wonderful job of setting up each lesson as a clinic and rotating the kids through different stations for putting, chipping, driving, etc… If you have a child who wants to give golf a try, I would highly recommend this as a great starting point.

Hopefully this gives a little insight to anyone who was searching for Scottsdale sports and activities options to help fill their summer schedule, or try a new sport with a smaller commitment. All of these opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for writing about these local businesses. These are simply people and places that my kids and I love!


  1. Great selection of offerings and accessible information. Cuts down on all the hassle of running around and searching things individually. These are wonderful options. Love that there is so much to do here.

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