The Amazing Convenience of Grocery Delivery…and More


Retailers of all sorts seem to be trying to make our mom-life a little easier with new conveniences. Full disclosure, I’m quickly becoming a delivery junkie.

Safeway Delivery – They have heard us and our children crying in the aisles and have come to our rescue to combat hungry and tired families roaming the grocery stores. If you’d like to skip the child-level candy racks like me, try grocery delivery from a variety of places. I typically use Safeway as they deliver directly to your kitchen at a time you choose. You can order almost anything from their store, including alcohol. You may find the prices can run a bit higher than in person, but when it’s convenience you’re looking for, it can be worth it. You can also order baby products like wipes and get your delivery for free with the code BABYBONUS at check out. I also must mention, the delivery personnel are always friendly and are not allowed to accept tips. Safeway delivery is available to order through their website or phone app.

Other helpful grocery suggestions: Fry’s Click List parking lot pick up and Walmart grocery pick up.

Amazon’s Prime Now – Forget you need a birthday present for someone? Need another ingredient for dinner tonight? Ran out of milk and your child is devastated? I’ve actually used Prime Now for each one of these situations. For Amazon Prime members, you can order from the Prime Now site and get products in just a few hours, and in some locations in the hour! Amazon is now even offering restaurant delivery, and I’m crossing my fingers they will bring their partnership with Sprouts delivery to Phoenix in the near future. Plus, I can now order anything from my Amazon Echo (Alexa) just by walking through my kitchen and telling her to do so. Note that Prime Now does encourage tipping the driver when placing the order. Available online or via app.

Scottsdale Zoom – Their motto is “We delivery anything!” and they held true to that for me. I called them late one night in a frenzy to get a car battery delivered after finding out my roadside assistance would install a new car battery, but you had to have the new battery with you. Who has a spare car battery lying around?! So Zoom went to the auto shop, purchased the right car battery, and delivered it to my house in an hour. Car crisis averted. Zoom will make a trip to Starbucks or take back your overdue library books. Rates are typically around $10 and a fee for any purchases they have to make on your behalf.

Uber EATS – Uber doesn’t just give you rides, they can give your food a ride too. Uber EATS delivers throughout the greater Phoenix area, typically in about 45 minutes for a small fee. The selection of restaurants is broad from Indian Paradise to Krispie Kreme. You can order straight from your phone app, watch the restaurant’s progress, and then track your driver. And if the restaurant you want isn’t on Uber EATS, just check out Door Dash. Not only can dinner be served, but I’ve been known to order a breakfast sandwich, latte, and smoothie from Altitude Coffee Lab. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Download these apps today.

Need clothes? Check out Rent the Runway for an amazing rental experience or drop by Nordstrom’s pick up in store or new curbside pick up (you must go to the website, set your store with zip code, and shop “in your store” option. For curbside, just call the store when you’re on your way). Both of these actually work!

Now, go enjoy your new way of life.


  1. It really is amazing just how much we can literally get delivered to our doorstep these days. The growing ease and convenience of food delivery has been a very welcome one. It’s wonderful for new moms, expecting moms, and really everyone else who could use a hand. Busy schedules don’t always allow for trips to the store and this is a nice alternative.


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