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As parents we all want our kids to BE their BEST. With this being the first generation not expected to live as long as their previous generation, the state of health and well-being of our children is obviously being impacted. 1 in 9 kids with ADHD, 1 in 68 kids with Autism, 1 in 11 with Asthma, 1 in 6 with learning disabilities, 1 in 20 with seizures, the question that is being overlooked is WHY is this occurring and increasing at such an exponential rate.

Genetics only cause 3-5% of health challenges. So what is causing so much sickness? It’s called Epigenetics.

What is Epigenetics? Technically it’s the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. In layman’s terms, our environment affects our genes, thus our expression of health (or sickness). What you eat, how much you exercise, the types of thoughts you have, essentially our LIFESTYLE, determines how healthy we truly are. Again, these 3 major lifestyle areas involved are: Physical, Chemical, and Emotional Stress.

As we know eating and moving well are vital pieces of the healthy lifestyle puzzle, but I’ll get right to the point of what we at Elevate Chiropractic focus on…so let’s talk about Stress baby! Bad stress, or Distress impacts our overall function and health of our body.

elevate chiropracticSo how is Distress (aka: bad stress) affecting our bodies? It particularly impacts the Nervous system that controls everything in our body. These stressors can cause the sympathetic response, which puts us into “survival mode.” The earlier this survival mode is triggered and the more often it is triggered is where it has its health diminishing effects. So back to our children…what kid, or baby for that matter, has stress?! (Di)stress, in any capacity, negatively affects these little bodies and below are some of the more common stressors our children combat these days…

1. In uterine constraint (poor position in the uterus).
2. Birth Trauma (stressful, long deliveries, especially where induction, forceps, vacuum and C-Section deliveries occur).
3. So an infant that has one or more of the above mentioned stressors can then be combined with the below potential stressors that life continues to dole out…
4. Sugar and dairy based formula, (and overall diets that do not fit our genetic code).
5. Overuse of antibiotics.
6. Inevitable falls a child incurs.
7. And the list goes on and on…

This is an important point! A body cannot be in a state of survival/protection (which is when it’s in the ‘flight and fight’ mode) AND be in a Health, Growth & Development state at the same time. So if a baby has had a stressful birth the body recognizes it as a bad stress (aka: Distress), and already, potentially the Nervous System isn’t in the best state for this baby to grow and develop to its fullest potential.

Let’s talk a little more about the Nervous System. It is always in a state of constant learning, especially for a child. So what can happen when they’re in a consistent state of survival from distress? For starters, it can create what is called a SUBLUXATION. This means there is a misalignment of an area of the spine that becomes Fixated. Once this fixation occurs, this is where the big effects can arise to the overall nervous system, potentially creating a negative trickle effect by impacting the Immune System, Digestive System and Endocrine System (controls “chemical balancing”). All of which have a large impact on our kids overall body’s ability to adapt and function properly. Essentially a subluxation creates an interruption/interference in the nervous system, so communication from the brain to the body and the body to the brain cannot perform optimally.

If a subluxation is the cause or contributing factor of a child’s health challenge (Ear Infections, Colic, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Bedwetting, Autism, Asthma, Allergies, Seizures, Headaches, Torticollis, Scoliosis to name a few) then it first needs to be assessed. And one important thing to know about a Subluxation…they usually begin without any sign or symptoms – kind of like a cavity in your tooth. This is why we use the latest technology in our practice to assess the nervous system so that we can determine if your child does in fact have a subluxation. If it is determine your child does have a subluxation, then we can help remove the subluxation to allow your child’s Nervous System to get out of that survival state and get back to a more balanced state where health, growth & development can occur more optimally, thus allowing them to be more adaptable to life’s stressors and function to their potential.

This is why we believe everyone should just GET CHECKED! We wish you and yours to live an Elevated Life!


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  1. I’m interested in winning this prize Because I know I need to be checked & I’ve never done it before & 2 kids later , taking care of them and the house like non stop,I know my body is not the same and is aching sometimes even when lay down.
    Pages on FB liked & shared.
    Thank you

  2. I would love to get to know more about healthier med free options for my two boys who are sick every month from daycare.

  3. I have already appreciated being a part of scottsdale mom’s blog news and now can also enjoy feed news from elevate chiropractic.

  4. This would be fantastic right now during my pregnancy- my old chiropractor retired and I am having a difficult time finding a new “fit” for chiro/massage care!

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