Valentine’s Pop out Cards


As a kid, I was fascinated with pop-out cards; add in hearts and I was busy for HOURS!! So today I present to you… Valentine’s Pop out Cards. It’s even more fun because it’s a card within a card, and an envelope within an envelope.

(I felt just like Willy Wonka when I typed that out.)

Valentine's pop out cards

Now, I will be the first one to admit that I didn’t have my children help me make these cards. My kids are twins, and they are only a year and a half old. (Picture much screaming as I chase these two bumpkins around the house, trying to get back the scissors, markers, and glue.)  I imagine if you have school aged children who love scissors and glue, they are going to want to help with this project.

To make this little cutie, all you need is:

Card Stock: in Red, Pink, & White (Or a pack of Pre existing cards & Envelopes) 



Marker or Pen


and a Printer

Click Here for Free Printable PDF

1) Start by printing the card template.


2) I found these awesome card sets at the Dollar Tree (10 count of cards and envelopes) I ended up buying a few packs. But you can easily use card stock.  

3) Cut out the items on your printed template. 

Help you kids remember to fold on the dashed lines and cut on the solid lines!

4) Using the Card template- Fold the white card stock in half, making two small cuts on the solid lines shown. 

5) Fold over on dashed line, crease, then fold back toward card edge, so that it is flat.

6) Open card and gently press the square toward you using your finger tip to “pop-out” the square, as shown below. 


7) Next, use the template to trace your heart template labeled “envelope” onto colored card stock.

Follow the dashed lines to fold the heart envelope as shown below. Glue down edges. (This part can be a bit tricky and you might need to help your kids with this one!)

8) Glue envelope to the pop out square.  

9) Trace heart message onto colored card stock and insert into the envelope. (Don’t forget to write a cute message on the back of the heart!!) 

10) Glue down white card stock/pop out, to the inside of a colored card stock piece (that has been folded in half) to complete the card. 

11) Decorate the front of the card with hearts or stickers!!


Bonus- Use up left over scraps to make other mini cards! 

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