Build a Racecar Party!


build a racecar partyTruth be told, I am not a huge fan of planning birthday parties. I know that for some people, this is completely their jam and they are awesome at it! It. is not. my jam. I had managed to dodge party planning for my own kids for the past two years. At the end of 2016, my husband (of all people) put his foot down and won the birthday party battle. Two kids. One month. Two parties. We ended up going with a gymnastics party at a local place for our daughter, we came across a fun idea at home for our son… 

Back in the fall, our son was approaching his 6th birthday. His favorite activity at this age is LEGOS®. How was I supposed to incorporate LEGOS® into a birthday party without going into cardiac arrest at the vision of tiny pieces and six year olds all over the house? Enter: Build a Racecar Party! 


Once I reached out to the owner, Sophia, she took care of the rest. Parties are easily booked with a reasonable deposit and providing information such as the anticipated number of kids attending. We were then accountable for food, drink, and a semi-presentable house. When Sophia comes to your home or designated location, she brings a specific amount of LEGOS® based on the predetermined number of party attendees. She arrives with the LEGOS®, tables, and racing tracks that she and her husband created.  A week before our party, our son received a sweet note in the mail along with a car to build in anticipation of his party! Such a neat touch that helped to get him excited to celebrate with his friends. 

Once the party begins, Sophia does a great job of taking charge and setting up quickly. She keeps the kids interested and interactive with building and racing their cars. She helps the kids that need a little guidance, and keeps everyone on task… Which was incredibly helpful as I ran around taking photos and dealing with food. Sophia even offered to take over my camera a few times to capture photos as I ran around. I truly cannot say enough great things about Sophia. She was organized, incredibly kind, and then at the end she PACKED UP ALL OF THE LEGOS® and took the mess with her. It was magical. 

One disclaimer is that the kids do NOT get to keep the cars that they create. All materials used are property of Build a Racecar Party, and are returned to them at the end. Which actually worked out well, because it allowed our family to purchase some mini LEGO® construction trucks and hand those out as favors at the end. If you are on the hunt for an interactive party that incorporates one of your kid’s favorite building activities, I highly recommend Sophia and Build a Racecar Party!

*Please note that all opinions and photos in this post are entirely my own. I was not paid, compensated, or provided any discount on our own party in exchange for this post. Just wanted to share a fun birthday party idea! Also, photos are posted with permission from attending parents. Contact information for Sophia and Build a Racecar Party can be found by clicking on links provided or by clicking here.* 

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