Top 10 list for the Practical Approach to New Years Resolutions


Here is my top 10 list to the Practical Approach to New Years Resolutions:

practical new years resolutions

The big ball drops, kisses are shared, and the calendar is replaced with a big bold Happy 2017! Not all too unfamiliar is the idea of setting goals and becoming “better,” however that might look for you. So how does one actually make resolutions for a new year that can be obtainable?
  1. Write it Down. Let’s be honest, if you are like me you probably have a bunch of thoughts, ideas, goals, and lists, rattling around in your brain. Make the time to write down what you want to accomplish. It makes it feel more official.
  2. Make Sections. When you write out your goals make sections for each area you wish to focus on. It could look something like this: Financial, Fitness & Health, Personal, Family, Fun, Career, Service, Spiritual, etc…
  3. Put it Where You Can See it. You know the phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Well that is true for setting goals as well. Put your list in your closet, or on your bathroom mirror. This will help you in your quest for ultimate goal achievement…or at least remembering that you set goals.
  4. Allow Room for Mistakes. This one is big!! I think we often feel that if we aren’t perfect with our goals, what is the point in having them? Well, the point is that we are working on getting better at something in our lives…and that takes time. Maybe you did great the first three months, but then something happened and the next three months didn’t go so well with your goals. Don’t just give up because you had a bad three months. Recommit and start again.
  5. Roll Over Goals. Sometimes the end of the year comes around quickly and you realize that you would still like to accomplish some of the goals on your list that you didn’t get to yet. Don’t just say “Oh well.” Roll them over to the next year and put them as top priority.
  6. Recognize Small Successes. At the end of the day it’s nice to look back and reflect on the small successes that you have had. What is the saying… “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Goals can feel daunting, take a moment to pause and cheer yourself on.
  7. Memory Jar. A memory jar is a very simple way to celebrate your successes and reflect on how you are doing with your goals. Take a small box, jar, or container and simply write on a piece of paper how you felt, or what you did to work toward your goal. Ideas to write down could include how your feelings, what you learned, or what you specifically did to accomplish that goal. At the end of the year pull out the slips of paper and read all the amazing things you did to make yourself better that year!
  8. Be Accountable. Have a buddy, partner, memory jar, or journal to help you be more accountable with your goals. Having someone or something to check in with periodically will help keep the goals at the forefront of your mind.
  9. Dream Big or Start Small. A goal by definition is “the end toward which effort is directed.” Sometimes we need to set lofty goals so that we push ourselves. Other times we might need to make smaller goals that act as stepping stones to help achieve those big dreams. Remember that it is a process. As the definition stated we are putting our effort into the direction in which we want to end up.
  10. Be Realistic. The time constraints of life often limit our ability to “Do it ALL.” So don’t try to. Set your goals so that they push you out of your comfort zone… and not off a cliff.

Happy 2017!

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