Stocking Stuffers for your Littles

This is a sponsored post, Brilliant Baby Products provided us with these wonderful toys to try, but all opinions are our own.

There is lots of gift giving happening this time of year and we have some great ideas for the little ones in your life when you need something small and simple, but also adorable and useful. Here are some of our favorite sticking stuffers for kids this year. 


Disney SoapSox® – Make bath time even more fun with this new line of SoapSox®! Simply squirt some of your favorite wash into the plush toy, give a few squeezes and wash away. I love that my kids can play with these cute characters during the day, and then bring them into the bath at night. 

Hot Wheels® Play Tape – With a house full of boys, Hot Wheels® are EVERYWHERE and everything becomes a race track, the couch, the stairs, even myself at times. But with this play tape the boys can truly take their race tracks anywhere. The tape is easy to tear and re-position and didn’t leave any sticky residue on our floors afterwards. The boys were able to get creative and make crazy race tracks all over the house and because it’s small and simple, I know this will be a new travel staple of ours moving forward. 

Rocket Feeding Spoon – You don’t want the baby to be left out, but what do you buy someone so small? This adorable spoon is the perfect gift, it is made of food safe silicone and my favorite feature is that it stands up so no germs get on the spoon from laying down. You can fit up to 3 oz. of baby food in the fun rocket and squirt a bite at a time onto the spoon. 

Kid’Sleep KWID Time Teaching Watch – This is so much fun! My oldest loves any chance to feel like a “big kid” and having his own watch is definitely going to hit the spot this holiday season. It shows both analog and digital time side by side so he can connect that they mean the same thing. It also has a cool hour glass feature to help him track time, we used it to help pick up toys by setting the timer for 5 minutes, he had fun trying to beat the clock and get everything done before his time ran out. 

Bead Buddy Giraffe – Another great gift for the really young ones. This cute giraffe is easy to grip for little hands and is made with lots of bright colors. What baby doesn’t love a good rattle sound too?! 

What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers this year? 


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