OdySea Aquarium with Kids



I’m so excited to tell you all about our newest child friendly local attraction! We don’t have a lot of awesome attractions here in the valley so when something like this turns up, it’s really appreciated. We visited the OdySea Aquarium a few weekends ago and this is what we loved. Sure its kinda pricey, but…

Amazing unobstructed views of ALL exhibits

I’ve been to my fair share of aquariums around the country. The last thing I want is to pay a lot of money just to have to elbow my way through a crowd of strollers and too many people. (I have like, zero patience). With no crowd to worry about, we took our time at each exhibit and could get up close to the sea life. V was able to walk around at his own pace and enjoy each of the animals as he pleased. This is the first aquarium that I’ve been to that allows guests to reserve their own entry times for a better experience.

A lot to see for your money

Included in the ticket price, we got to watch a 3D movie, watch the penguins get fed, and watch the trainers play with the baby otters. One my favorite areas were the touch pools where guests can pet the sting rays and a smaller pool where you can feel the sponges. They also have a children’s area with water tables and coloring stations. Another things that V really enjoyed were the child size tunnels and windows for the little one’s private viewing of the sea life.

A moving educational carousel ride

This was my favorite part of the aquarium by far. Guests sit in an auditorium in front of a huge wall to wall tank. It feels a lot like a movie theater and V actually thought we were looking at a shark movie. The entire auditorium revolves a full 360 degrees to reveal four separate giant tanks. The experience is narrated and educational as you learn about their rescued sea turtles, their shark tank and their sea lions. It was absolutely stunning to be able to see the sea animals so close and personal.

Take the kids out for an amazing fun time watching the sea animals. It’s the closest we’ll get to the sea from here in the desert!

I should disclose that I do not get compensated to write reviews and this post is not paid or sponsored by OdySea. I simply write about things that I like and find entertaining. 


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