Overnight Pumpkin French Toast with Salted Caramel Syrup.


Rich and decadent, with pumpkin spice flavor, warm pecans, and gooey salted caramel syrup dripping off every bite. The power packed combination of sweet and salty, with even layers of spice and crunch. This is one of those meals that make for a classic holiday favorite. Think of it like a dessert, disguised as breakfast. 

Is your mouth watering yet? 

Well if it is, maybe you should give it a try and impress your family without missing out on breakfast conversation. (I usually feel left out while standing over the stove, flipping french toast, while everyone else eats.) With this recipe the whole family gets to sit down together to bask in the Fall flavors of yumminess! Make it the night before and enjoy a carefree morning by popping it in the oven before holiday craziness ensues.  

overnight pumpkin french toast

Simple and easy, with a total of three layers of bread.
Intermixed with pumpkin, sugar, spices and pecans.


The first step is a mix of butter and brown sugar, to make a fantastic base of syrupy goodness. 

Then you pour on the pumpkin, egg and milk mixture. If you have a sweet tooth the Hawaiian sweet bread adds that extra level of fabulous-ness. (Side note: Try using a plain Texas Toast if you find this version overly sweet.)



No need to stress about making the perfect salted caramel syrup when you

can buy a jar of butterscotch caramel and add a bit of salt to it!




One bite and I am singing and dancing around the kitchen. I had to call some friends over to help me eat it since I knew I might be tempted to devour the whole pan by myself. Good thing part of being being a mom of toddlers is chasing after them all day, or I might not be able to eat like this very often. Ha ha, who am I kidding, I love sugar, butter, and carbs.

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