International Talk Like A Pirate Day – Taking Time to be Silly with Your Kids!


Help us welcome Ashley to our contributor team! She is a mom of one year old twins and is excited to share her love of crafting, cooking and being silly. 

pirate alphabet

I am guessing if I took a poll of most parents, being silly with your kids isn’t on your to do list. It wasn’t on mine until recently. My day was full of deadlines, messy floors, overflowing laundry piles, and the typical stress that accompanies most families. I was busy trying to get “something” accomplished off the long mental check list I had made for the day. I was short tempered, overwhelmed, and just ornery.

As I looked at my kids, I came to the understanding that what we all really needed was a break. We needed to laugh, we needed to play, and mostly we needed to be silly.

This can be accomplished in many different ways. It doesn’t have to be a big production. It doesn’t even have to take more than five minutes, or cost anything. Here are a few examples that are fun and easy.

In celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19.

  • While swab’n the deck at home, aka – sweeping or moping the floor, put on some pirate music and bust out your best pirate dance moves.
  • Lay a few thick books end to end on the floor and have your kids “walk the plank.” Spin them in a circle for added sea sickness.
  • Dress up as a pirateWITH your child while you go and get FREE Krispy Kreme donuts at participating locations!! Details here.
  • Tell the most ridiculous corny jokes while talking like a pirate when you pick up your kids from school.

Sometimes silliness doesn’t come naturally. If that’s the case for you, feel free to share one of these corny pirate jokes that I illustrated!


After all, laughter be jolly fer th’ soul ‘n th’ heart.

pirate corn
Peggy pirate birthday

*Disclaimer- Using the above mentioned material my not have the desired outcome of laughter and silliness. May not be suitable for all audiences, reports have been made that teens may find these behaviors & jokes “embarrassing” & #uncool. Discretion is advised.

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Ashley Moore a newbie to Scottsdale, was born near the beautiful mountains of Utah. Ashley obtained her degree at Weber State University, where she had a love at first sight meeting with her husband Scott. Scott's career brought the couple, to Arizona in 2009. After facing multiple tragedies of a miscarriage, infertility, and a near death accident for Scott, the couple returned to Utah to be near family. In 2014 the pair returned to Arizona, but ventured further south, to Tucson. Around this time, they welcomed miracle boy/girl twins. Before the twins arrived, Ashley worked as a Child Life Specialist; advocating, educating, and playing alongside children and families in the pediatric areas of hospitals. Now Ashley fills her days chasing the toddler twinners, doing freelance graphic design, and illustration work at night. She also enjoys all things arts and crafts, ice cream, and audio books.



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