Mom Olympics: 10 Events That Moms Do Every Day


WIN A TRIP (2)I’ve been a fan of the Olympics since childhood. Every two years, I get super pumped and have the games on pretty much 24/7 from the opening to closing ceremonies. However this year’s Summer Games felt a bit different to me. I realized that I’ve already done many of these events in the six short years that I’ve been a mom. In fact, all of us moms have. I’m talking about those days when you collapse on the couch exhausted and feeling like you just completed a marathon or a decathlon. Or when you pat yourself on the back for accomplishing something that you didn’t think you could, like carrying a toddler, stroller, and diaper bag on one arm while trying to tame an epic meltdown. It’s just like breaking an Olympic record!

With the multitude of physical and mental tasks we complete each day in the name of motherhood, moms are more like Olympians than we realize. We’ve got our own daily endurance test, the Mom Olympics. Guess that makes us Momlympians!

To celebrate the Mom Olympics of Motherhood, here’s a list of ten events that moms do every day. Any of these sound familiar?

  1. Weight Lifting
    Let’s see… I can carry a Chico Keyfit30 with a 15 pound infant in one hand while heaving a full diaper bag and purse over the other shoulder with a stroller under my arm. Oh wait, my toddler is running away so now I’m off to do the…
  2. 100 Meter Dash
    Chasing after a runaway toddler is enough to earn any mom a medal!

    Hurdles at the Mom Olympics
    Christmas Day. The most challenging course in the Mom Olympic hurdle event.
  3. Hurdles
    What I complete every day as I step or leap over my kids toys strewn all over their playroom without falling on my face or injuring myself. Gold medal please.
  4. Relay
    Public bathroom relay is a fun game to play with your child.
    Starting line at home: “Do you have to go the bathroom honey?” “No mom! I promise!” And we’re off to run errands…
    1st leg: Heading straight for the bathroom of the 1st destination. Automatic flushers. Must move on.
    2nd leg: On to the neighboring store. No toilet paper. We dash off.
    Anchor leg: Sprinting to the nearest bathroom (at this poing anything will do) and make it just in time…
  5. Gymnastics
    Who doesn’t have a floor routine to silently get themselves out of their sleeping baby’s room without getting caught?! It could involve a roll on the floor (or somersault if you wanna get fancy), and it always ends with a graceful tiptoe to the door.
  6. Water Polo
    In my house this is called bath time. Kids. Tub with water. Bath toys. Bubbles. Soap. All are used to play “bath polo” and let’s just say that I don’t win every time.
  7. Equestrian
    “Mommy, play horsey with me. You be the horse.” Enough said. Gold medal.
  8. Basketball
    My game has gotten so much better since kids. I can fire a 3-point jumper into the toy bin with ease or a gentle hook shot if the toy bin is next to me. My fade away jumper to get a diaper into a trash can is magic.
  9. High Jump
    Successfully clearing the baby gate because you’re either too lazy to unlatch it or you’re like me and have no idea how the thing works!
  10. Decathlon
    Feeding, burping, diaper changing, catching spit-up with my bare hand, wedging a double stroller into the trunk, potty training, scaring away monsters, playing tea party, detangling crazy hair knots, cuddling … and that’s just one list of decathlon events that came to mind.

A huge thank you to my fellow SMB Contributors for sharing a few of their daily Mom Olympic routines. Now it’s your turn!
What Momlympic events have you done since becoming a mom?

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