From the Editor’s Desk: Summer Recipes


Since launching in 2010, Scottsdale Moms Blog has been a wealth of information for local and visiting families. We have had so many contributors share their advice and tips for all things parenting and living life in AZ. After publishing, much of the wonderful information gets lost in the world of archives. We started this series to bring these posts back to life. We will focus on a different theme each month and bring you the best that SMB has on that topic.

No one is interested in turning on the oven or lighting up a grill during an Arizona summer. We need meals that are simple to put together and don’t require extreme temperatures of any kind. Here are some of our favorites that contributors have posted over the years. Try them out, let us know what you think and then tell us your go-to recipes for summer in the comments!

In our house, we gave up fighting the inevitable and turned on the air conditioner a few days ago. This also means it is time to pull out the blender! Here is a very easy and delicious summer recipe – chocolate banana shakes, made with only three ingredients. The kids look forward to it every year.

Since I’ll be traveling to visit them this summer pregnant and totally dry, I will miss having that glass (or two) of wine or champagne. Here are some of my favorite yummy mocktail recipes for those of us abstaining this summer:

Every time I visit my parents in Newport Beach, I swing by Greenleaf Chopshop for one of my all time favorite salads. Since I don’t always have the luxury of being in Southern California, I decided to make my own rendition of their antioxidant-filled salad at home.

Our family eats a lot of salads during the summer. I’m fortunate that my three-year-old loves salad. Other vegetables are a challenge, but for some reason he likes salad. Cobb salads have always been my favorite at a restaurant, but with the cheese, bacon, salad dressing they can be as calorie-laden as a hamburger and fries! So when I came across Bethenny Frankel’s recipe for Healthier Cobb Salad, it became my go-to.

One of my favorite meals to make when avoiding the added heat to my kitchen is chicken salad. I love that this meal is COLD, but also that there is room for variety. I also like to buy the already cooked and shredded chicken from the grocery store so I don’t have to turn the stove on either.

I am in love with all things cilantro, and this is the season for it! I stopped by The Simple Farm and picked up a bunch and it smells amazing. This is a very easy recipe. Trust me – if I can do it, you can too!


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