Top 4 Reasons we LOVE Sunsational Swim School


sunsational swim schoolThis is a sponsored post for Sunsational Swim School, we received private lessons in exchange for this post, but all opinions expressed are my own.

It’s swim season, and as parents our number one priority is keeping our kids safe. When it comes to pools and teaching the little ones to swim, Sunsational Swim School is the perfect answer. They offer private lessons for all ages and stages of swimming. We have enjoyed so much about our experience with our instructor so far, but to keep things simple, here are the top 4 reasons my family is LOVING our time with Sunsational Swim School.

4. Patience with my kids: To put it lightly, my older son is not into learning to swim. He loves the water and hanging out where he can easily stand and play with his water toys, but once we get into your-face-might-get-wet territory, his arms get wrapped around your neck and the panic starts to set in. I cannot say enough about how I appreciate the patience of our Sunsational instructor. He is always calm with my tense little one and never pushes him too far past his comfort zone. If one strategy doesn’t work, he tries something else until my son is ready to try a new skill. 

3. Familiar Location: Sunsational Swim instructors come to you. Lessons can be held in your backyard pool or community pool, where your kids are familiar and comfortable. No packing up kids in the heat, no driving across town in attempts to make it to lessons on time. Working in our own pool meant my kids weren’t trying to get used to a new environment, new person, and a new experience all at the same time, they were ready to jump in the pool and start learning right away.

sunsational swim 22. Lessons on our Schedule: You tell Sunsational Swim School what your availability is and they match you up with an instructor that can work with your schedule, not the other way around. You can work around nap times, preschool, jobs, etc. Life is already busy and chaotic, when a company can adapt to what works for our family it takes some of the daily stress off. They can also do lessons back to back so I don’t have to schedule my kids for two different sessions that may be on different days.

1. PROGRESS!: You will be amazed at how fast you see progress when your child is getting one on one attention in the pool. I noticed a HUGE difference in just two lessons and it continued to get better from there. In a typical group setting, each child may get as little as 5 minutes of individual attention – in a private lesson it’s the exact opposite. There is no down time to wait for others to have a turn or distractions from other children. In just two lessons my toddler was back floating and completely comfortable with getting his head under water.

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