Celebrating Father’s Day with a Tall, Dark & Delicious Ice Cream Cake from Cold Stone Creamery


Cold Stone Creamery Father's Day

One of my favorite traditions to do for Father’s Day is to gather around and tell Brian one thing that we really love about him. It is so fun to hear what the kids say each year. Usually they start off being funny, but then they start saying the sweetest things. Rarely do they stop at one thing, which does everyone’s heart a bit of good.

Riley said that he likes how dad takes our dog, Murphy, to the vet. Riley loves our dog and I love how he notices his daddy taking care of our sweet Murphy.

It’s so important to sit down together and take time to really appreciate each other and our roles in the family. Brian works so hard and gives so much to us, and I want to make sure the kids take time to say thank you. I want Brian to know that we notice how he loves us.

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This year, we celebrated with a Tall, Dark & Delicious Ice Cream Cake from Cold Stone Creamery. It is the perfect season here in Scottsdale to celebrate with ice cream, and Cold Stone has many convenient locations around Scottsdale to choose from! I called the store two days before I wanted to pick it up (or you can order the cake online). I walked into the store, gave them my name, and they had it right away. I didn’t have to wait at all.

Tonight, we took it out of the freezer, set the picnic table out back, and started talking. We haven’t had ice cream cake for years, so we were all excited to dig in! We left it out for ten minutes, then cut into it. It was perfect. It was beautifully done and such a treat! There are six of us, so we chose the small round. We each ate one piece, except for Mary Alice, and have half the cake left over!

The Tall, Dark & Delicious Ice Cream Cake has layers of moist Devil’s Food Cake, Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Brownies & Chocolate Ice Cream with OREO® Cookies wrapped in fluffy White Frosting and cascading Fudge Ganache. My favorite was definitely the layer of chocolate ice cream!

The Tall, Dark & Delicious Cold Stone Cake is only available in stores until June 19th! But if you miss out on this promotion, there are a variety of flavors of other ice cream cakes available at Cold Stone all year long!

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What are your Father’s  Day traditions?

Thank you to Cold Stone Creamery for providing the delicious Cake to a SMB contributor to try for free. Also thank you to Cold Stone for supporting Scottsdale Moms Blog.


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