3 Ice Activities {to help cool you down}


Ice Excavation: Fill a plastic container with some water, ice and little toys you want the kids to “excavate,” the ice cubes will help mix things up and prevent all of the toys sinking to the bottom. Freeze overnight! Pop your ice chunk out of the container and give the kids some small squirt guns or syringes with warm water. Let them spray the ice block until it starts to melt and the toys start to fall out. If you have child safe “tools” they could use those as well to chip away at the ice.

Paintsicles: Tackle the kids creative side with this fun ice activity, there are two options for making “paintsicles” and once they are ready, kids can use them to paint the sidewalks or paper.

1) Pour thick finger paint into an ice cube tray, add a popsicle stick and freeze. Pop them out and paint away.
2) Make your own paint by mixing equal parts water and corn starch, add some food coloring, pour into ice cube trays with a popsicle stick and freeze. Give the kids some thick white paper and see what their imagination creates!

Building with ice blocks: This one is so simple! Freeze a bunch of water in ice cube trays, then take the kids outside and see what they can build with their new “blocks”! An ice castle? Igloos? See who can build the tallest tower or have a contest for the most creative structure.