My Magical Mother’s Day


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Growing up, my sister and I celebrated Mother’s Day by making cards for our Mom and maybe going with our Dad to pick out a gift for her (in hindsight, we probably picked out things she didn’t really like or need). In turn, Mom was in charge of orchestrating Mother’s day gifts and events to celebrate the moms in the generation above her….until one year she quit. She told us that it was too stressful, and she was tired of celebrating a day just because Hallmark said she should.

So we stopped celebrating Mother’s day. I was living out of the house by then, so on a particular Sunday in May, I might have called my mom to wish her a “Happy Sunday.” Over time, my sister and I found ways to celebrate Mom in a way that made her feel special. We surprise her with lunch and a shopping trip in January when we all find time to be in one place, “Happy Mother’s Day!” or we might chip in to send her a present she’s been wanting, but felt like it was too expensive, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Since I’ve become a mother, I want to set a different standard for E. I don’t want her to feel like Mother’s Day is a holiday about expectations; I want her to feel like it is a celebration of our relationship, and her relationship with all the moms in our life. This year we will celebrate Mother’s Day in Disneyland, running in the Tinkerbell RunDisney event. I’ve been running Disneyland races for several years, and I’m excited my mom will be doing the 5k, I will be doing the 10k, and E will be running 100m in the kids races.

Its my idea of a magical Mother’s Day Weekend, sharing my love of fitness with my mom and my daughter. Happy Mother’s Day!


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