My Sweet Boys, You’re Making Me A Better Woman


Darling boys, you are still little.
And though you couldn’t possibly know it yet,
you’re making me so much better.

I’m a better wife.
…because I am praying for yours. May I model the woman you might one day seek out:
– One who loves her husband and brings him honor, speaking well of him in his absence and building him up to his face.
– One who serves and prioritizes others, but respects when a firm No is healthiest.
– One who intently pursues “Better” without falling slave to the ever-elusive “Perfect”.
– One who wards off the stubborn tug of a critical spirit. May my words lend life, my humor be timely, and my tongue encourage as a habit.
{{ I work to embody this because of you.}}

I’m a better daughter-in-law.
because Dad is to Grandma Debby what you are to me. (!!!) My love for Grandma (who is already wonderful!) grows every time I think of that!
{{ I see this more clearly because of you. }}

I’m a better friend.
…because I long for you to know safe, wholesome, and hysterically funny community. More than before, I want to avoid the trap of gossip or the pit of jealous competition, but rather edify and rejoice or grieve alongside of my friend.
{{ I am more loyal because of you. }}

I’m better at taking care of myself.
…because I want to keep up with you as you grow. You are too fun to sit back and just watch!  …Better yet? I want YOU working to keep up with ME!
{{ I make myself a priority – and it’s largely because of you. }}

And by a strangely similar token, I’m better at giving my body grace.
because you show me how amazing I really, actually am.
– This belly stretched to grow you. This chest nourished and comforts you. These arms scoop you up, hold you tight, or help you down. These shoulders carry you. This back wrestles with you. These lips kiss your skin and speak encouragements over you. These fingers tie your shoes, stroke your hair, and detect your fevers. These eyes, these ears, this mind — they constantly survey for your safety, on alert for your signal, locking in your quirks, memorizing your voice, noting your stories, brainstorming your meals, planning your activities, anticipating your requests.
{{ I am incredible. I know that more fully because of you. }}

Love you so much, my treasures.


  1. Such a great post Rebecca! They are raising us just as much as we are raising them, a good reminder, especially for the days that feel crazy and off balanced…..which is a lot with my two wild ones.


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