City Moms Blog Unites Blogging Sisters


Blogging SistersA happy coincidence led two sisters to become contributors to their respective City Moms Blogs in Scottsdale, AZ and Albuquerque, NM. Here’s how they help each other survive day-to-day motherhood and then write about it!


“You’ll be best friends one day.”

Growing up my little sister, Jessica, and I must have heard that from our mom ten million times. Usually said at the most irritating moment, while we were fighting about this or arguing about that. Naturally, I never expected she would be right, but like with most mom-wisdom – it holds up.

Jessica and I are different in many ways, but we’re extremely close. Next to our mother, she’s the person I look to most for guidance on surviving motherhood. She has always made it look easy, while I’m more of a flailing mess – so it worked out really well that she had kids first and can pass on her wisdom. I don’t know what I would do without our near-daily phone calls to share updates, bounce ideas, talk about struggles, and generally encourage one another. If only she lived closer!

My favorite more recent memory is when she came to town for my 30th birthday (pre-kids for me,) and we tried our hand at making a lobster dish from Julia Child’s cookbook. Picture kitchen hysterics as we spastically tried to wrangle live lobsters into a boiling pot with tongs because we were too creeped out to touch them. At one point I was prying – prying – one determined survivalist off our gas stove top as it clung on for dear life with its claws. It’s a memory that will always make me laugh and sometimes does when I’m standing in that same kitchen making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the one-hundredth time.

Motherhood can feel lonely at times, and we all need someone in our village who is our closest friend and confidante. I’m glad Jessica is mine. Scottsdale Moms Blog readers were already introduced to her in my very first post last year when I shared how she encouraged me with a parenting fail story (not hers!). Our connection is even more special now that we’re writing for sister moms blogs on the same national network.

Check her out at Albuquerque Moms Blog. I love her most recent post, and yes, that is her bicep!


I know she introduced herself as Ann but to me, my big sister has always been Annie. Like she said, we have always been close. We are two years apart in age, went to the same college, stood by each other on our wedding days, and we have five kids between us ranging in age from five to almost one. Rarely does a day go by that we don’t talk. She is hands down one of my favorite people, although I will forever blame her for the unfortunate permed hairstyle that I proudly sported for far too long.

Yes, our mom was right when she said we will be best friends one day. There is something about having kids that bonds you with someone in a way that nothing else can. When I had my first two boys, Annie was still working full time in her corporate position. We were close for sure but living in two completely different worlds – hers full of meetings and fundraisers and mine full of nap times and spit up. When her second child was born, she left her job and took on some other work (because she is superwoman) so she could have her days free and be home with her children. (You can read more about that decision here). Now, we are both home with our kids and both very much in the trenches of parenting.

I can’t tell you how many times we have called each other venting about the day’s mishaps, laughing at the major mom fails, or seeking affirmation that we are not ruining our children for good. We have also had a few laughs over times that we have lost a latte to a clumsy (or thirsty) kid. A tragedy, for sure! Sometimes our conversations are serious and sometimes they are down right silly but always I am grateful that Annie is just a phone call away.

Does your sister (or friend that’s like a sister) live in another city? See if there is a City Moms Blog sister site near her and encourage her to follow them for all things mom related including articles, events and giveaways!

Do you have a sister who has also turned into your best friend?  We’d love to hear about it!


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