Three Reasons You Want a Chlorine-Free Pool (and the Chance to Win a Chlorine-Free Pool System!)


You want the healthiest home environment for your children, and this shouldn’t stop at your pool. A chlorine-free pool means no more red eyes, itchy skin, allergies or asthma from chloramines. Plus, your swimsuits will last longer! Click here for the chance to win a chlorine-free pool system.

Three reasons you want a chlorine-free pooliStock_000010693154_Web

  1. Your family’s health.

When chlorine interacts with contaminants (lotion, sweat, dirt) in the pool, it creates chloramines. Chloramines have been proven to be carcinogenic, and can cause red eyes, itchy skin, allergies and asthma.

In addition, children who are exposed to chlorine early in life can be more susceptible to asthma and allergies, according to a study from the European Respiratory Journal.

  1. The health of our world.

Help preserve the world you live in today for your children tomorrow. Make your pool more sustainable by reducing the chemicals you use.

  1. The feel of your water.

Swimming in your pool will feel so much better when it isn’t full of chlorine. The water will feel softer, your hair won’t be brittle and dry, and your swimsuit will last longer.

Do you want to enter to win a chlorine-free pool system?

It’s easy! Just channel your family’s creativity to draw why you want a chlorine-free pool and submit a photo here (yes, it can be a photo from your iPhone). Don’t miss out — this sustainable, chlorine-free pool system has a $3,000 value. Enter today!

About Clear Comfort’s chlorine-free, sustainable pool system

With Clear Comfort’s chlorine-free pool system, you will have a cleaner, clearer, healthier pool.

  • Chlorine-free: With Clear Comfort your pool will have chlorine levels comparable to your drinking water or even completely chlorine free.
  • Low maintenance system: Self-regulating with one annual replacement cartridge. That’s it.
  • Better for you and your family: Reduce your chemical exposure and swim in clear, clear water.

Don’t miss your chance to win a Clear Comfort pool! Enter here.

Terms & Conditions:

System worth $3000. Void where prohibited. Entries accepted March 1, 2016 – March 31, 2016. No purchase necessary to win. Does not include cost of installation or associated taxes. Entrant must upload a picture of drawing to be eligible to win. Entrants must be 18 years of age. Submissions are limited to one entry per person. Open only to Arizona residents. Prizes are nontransferrable. No substitutions may be permitted, except at the discretion of Clear Comfort. To see full terms and conditions, visit:

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