5 Art Projects from Materials Already in your Home


rachel-logo1 copyYou don’t need a bunch of fancy art supplies to create masterpieces! We here at Rachel’s Young At Art love to experiment with recyclables! Not only is it good for the environment, but they are easily found at home. Come to our studio to get messy and leave the mess here, then continue the fun with your little ones at home. We like to think of it as bonding on a budget.

#1 Egg Cartons
What can’t you do with empty egg cartons?! They are the holy grail of crafting! One of our favorite egg carton projects is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”! You can use paint or markers for this one.


#2 Paper Towel Rolls
Think about how many paper towel rolls you go through in a day, week, or even a month. You can use paper towel rolls for endless projects, including this flower design. It’s super easy to cut the rolls and pinch them into whichever pattern you’d like! You can decorate them with paint, collage, or whatever.

tp rolls

#3 Soup Cans
Have a little one that likes monsters? Soup cans to the rescue! There are many variations of this project, but this one is a favorite. You can use googly eyes if you already have them at home, but there’ are always a million creative alternative. We like to use bottle caps!

can monster

#4 Ice Chalk
Have you seen how cool this is? While not a “recycled” item, it’s easy to make with common household supplies! Mix equal parts cornstarch and water. Add food coloring and dish soap. Want to make it fizz? Use baking soda instead of cornstarch and fill a spray bottle with vinegar!

ice chalk2

#5 Cardboard boxes
Save your boxes. I repeat, save your boxes! One of my favorite memories as a child was when my parents bought a refrigerator! That box became my home! I put up wallpaper, had a window cutout, made art for the walls, everything. All you need is a box and some tape! Boxes can also be used for painting, do you have a child that loves to make a mess? Well, here’s your solution (when you can’t make it to Rachel’s Young At Art Studio of course)! Not only is this space great for containing a variety of mixed media, it’s also portable! Oh, and did we mention it doubles as a great drying rack when you’re done? Its perfect for play indoors, outdoors, you name it!

cardboard box

Thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Young at Art for this guest blog post and wonderful ideas!



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