Clear Out The Clutter in 2016



The New Year’s Clean-Up

Have you ever started the new year with a resolution? Probably, yes. Has that resolution ever fallen flat before January ends? Again…yes. Sometimes completing resolutions is best attained when we start with a clean space and mind. Just because January 1st has arrived doesn’t always mean we’re ready to take on our goals. I’ve listed ways to help you “clean house” a.k.a. your mind and body so that you have success completing those New Year’s resolutions!

Remove Clutter

Simply put, a clean house equals a clean mind. Clear clutter from your bedroom for a better night sleep. Clear up “eye clutter” from your work space for better productivity. Unplug, literally. Unplug your unused appliances around the house for less electric activity. Tuck away items you don’t  use on a daily basis such as out of season clothes or old toys that haven’t been loved in a while. Unplug from toxic social media and/or all media for that matter. What we read, look at, or listen to truly gets absorbed into our minds and can become our ideas. Fill your mind with positivity and beauty.

Let Go Of Toxic People

Do you have a so-called friend that doesn’t show you respect or support? Do you ever feel like you’re in a one sided relationship? Take a good look at the people in your circle and make sure they help to uplift you rather than hold you down. These people might be friends, family, or significant others. Sometimes it’s not so easy to totally dismiss these people, but try to at least have an honest conversation about your feelings with them and move forward from there.

Eat Clean

Along with your new year’s workout, start to remove junk from your diet. Make it a point to start slow. One week dump the caffeine, next drop refined sugars. By the end of the month you should be free of alcohol, sugar, bleached flour and caffeine (and dairy depending on your dietary needs). Throughout the month start to implement as many whole and organic foods as possible. You’ll feel clean from the inside out!

Have A Clean Mind

We all have moments when we sulk and complain. This year make an effort to keep these moments few and far between. When we begin each day with a bright outlook we set ourselves up to be our best. Set a mantra and repeat it throughout the day. Continue to repeat it especially when faced with a difficult situation. Take a few deep breaths to clear out the mind clutter and replace it with your mantra. For example, I’ll  repeat the mantra “be still, be present” when my toddler is having a tantrum. I feel it helps me to stay calm and be the stillness he needs at the moment. I even ask him to breath with me and it helps us both to settle our nerves.

I hope these few tips have encouraged you to set the foundation for your resolutions. Like any structure we need stability and and a solid foundation. Let these tools help you to build your best year ever and be your best you!

How will you “clean up” this new year?



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