10 New Emojis Moms Need In 2016


12 (2)One of the most anticipated tech updates of 2015 was the introduction of new emojis (tacos!) for smartphone users.

Emojis have quickly become a regular part of messaging lingo and like millions of text messaging enthusiasts I dove headfirst into trying out all of the new mini faces and icons. (hello unicorn!) As I was texting a fellow mama about an upcoming playdate, I realized that the emoji creators forgot about an entire group of heavy emoji users when they sat down to design their new graphics… moms. Emojis have become a beautiful shortcut in the world of mom-to-mom texting since we often need to communicate quickly, but are limited to texting with one hand while a child is clinging to our legs, navigating a shopping cart, stroller, wagon or other wheeled child-carrying device, trying to finish cooking dinner or homework, or trying to be present during a dance class or soccer practice. We can simply give a thumbs up or thumbs down instead of typing out “Yes” or “Not feelin’ it”, or send a range of cute faces that communicate how we feel. Emojis also help us mamas relate to each other emotionally. Whenever I see the laugh ‘til you cry or grimace emojis I feel the instant comradery that we’re all in this motherhood journey together.

For this year’s emoji update, I’m hoping to see more mom-friendly graphics. Here are the ten new emojis that I think we mamas definitely need to see in 2016…goldfish-cracker-1188477-1599x1244

  1. Goldfish Crackers… The snack staple of children everywhere deserves its own emoji. Plus it takes forever to type it out! 
  2. Legos… Because Legos are everywhere. On the bottom of your foot, in the car, in your dreams. When you step on one (again), simply text the Lego emoji out to your tribe to be met with instant sympathy. 
  3. Yoga Pants/Leggings… The mom uniform that you swore you’d never wear on a regular basis deserves an emoji to let your friends know you’ll be keeping it casual. 
  4. Target/Starbucks Combo… So much could be communicated with this hybrid emoji for this mom haven! Bliss, escape, chaos, over-spending, earning a new Cartwheel badge
  5. Diaper Blowout… The diaper blowout has already made you late since now you have to go back into the house, change your child, dress your child, change your outfit, and pack up all over again. You don’t need to spend anymore time typing out an explanation. The diaper blowout emoji would certainly suffice. 
  6. Toddler (or child) Tantrum… The current tantrum emoji simply doesn’t cut it. Where are the tears and the flailing arms and legs?
  7. Mom Hiding with her Phone… Or better yet, hiding with her phone and chocolate. Your gal pals will instantly know it’s been “one of those days”.
  8. Homework Drama/Last Minute School Project… No need to waste precious minutes typing out that your child realized at 6pm that a model of the solar system was due tomorrow. Just punch in the Homework Drama/Last Minute School Project emoji and everyone will leave you alone. 
  9. Slow cooker/crock pot… The easiest answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?”
  10. Facepalm… Used daily by moms to express their extreme disbelief, disappointment, or some combination of the two.

    The facepalm and the double facepalm.
    The facepalm and the double facepalm.

What mom emojis do you need in your life? Add them in the comments below! 

*A special thank you to my friend and fellow mama, Kara Aldrede, for inspiring this post (insert goldfish cracker and face palm emojis) and to my fellow SMB bloggers for their hilarious suggestions!*




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