My Husband’s Resolutions (in a perfect world)



I have a hard time coming up with a list of resolutions at the beginning of the year. Usually, as the months pass and I am inspired by something, or want to get started on a project – I just resolve to do it right then and there. So the beginning of the year, for me, is not a great “starting point.”

I have NO PROBLEM, however, coming up with resolutions for other people. Particularly my husband. I thought I would sit down and come up with two or three resolutions for him. I stopped myself at ten. Without further adieu, here are my husband’s resolutions in a perfect world (babe, you can pick any two and I will be a happy camper):

1. I will not raise my eyebrows when my wife says she is not going to go to the gym. She is tired, and pregnant, and I want to live to see my daughters grow up.

2. I will start taking more photos of my wife with the kids. I realize I am in the majority of the photos of our special moments, because my wife is the only one who thinks to take out her camera. This is unfair, and my wife will not always look this young and beautiful, so I should document things too.

3. I will not pretend that the dog’s hair on the stairs is not there. Currently, I see it every time I walk up and down the stairs, but I ignore it because my wife will break down and grab the dust buster. It would take me so much less time to vacuum it all up – since I don’t have a pregnant belly right now. I will do it, and right away – like the first time I see it.

4. I will take my wife out on dates. And dates that she doesn’t have to plan. I will pick the restaurant, I will coordinate the babysitter, and she won’t have to lift a finger. I could probably also score a lot of points just for making a surprise dinner every once and a while (that she didn’t have to buy ingredients for).

5. When my wife mentions a house project, I will take it seriously and not wait a few months to get started.

6. When said house project is finished, I will put away my tools and not continue to ask my wife where they are for weeks afterward.

7. I will take a look at my wife’s Pinterest boards for present ideas. I know she lists everything she wants on there.

8. I will let my wife buy/pick up any pieces of furniture she wants. If she wants ten project pieces, so be it. And I will not bat an eye, or say a word when she asks me to move them for the fifth time.

9. I will clip the kids’ fingernails every once and a while. I know my wife despises this, and it would mean a lot to her if I took the brunt of the screams one of these days.

10. When my wife asks me seriously for my opinion, I will give it and not just answer “up to you.” After all these years together, I know now that if she didn’t want my opinion, she wouldn’t ask for it (that’s why packages just appear on our porch all the time) and that a non-answer infuriates her.

DISCLAIMER: My husband is actually a huge help around the house, a great partner-in-crime, and an amazing dad (as mentioned here). I’m sure he could come up with a longer list for me!