Best Preschool Books – Our family favorites


One of the hardest things about gift shopping is buying a present for a little one, when you don’t have a child around that age. It can be hard to know what your nephew wants for Christmas when your kids are grown and in college. A great solution for all ages is books! Here is a list of some of our favorites, especially for any preschool aged children in your life.

Riley is eight years younger than Nate. It has been so fun to rediscover a few classics and add a few new books to our list!

Kate Eschbach Photography-4

Our favorite new addition is:

The Little Red Racing Car by Dwight Knowlton. Riley loves this book and loves making the car sounds! The art is beautiful and the story is so sweet. The best part… The author is local! I love supporting local businesses!

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The other books listed are all oldies but goodies. We read these with Julia (15) and Nate (12) and it has been so fun to pull these out again and read them with Riley (4)!

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The Red Carpet by Rex Parkin

I Like it When by Mary Murphy

Corduroy’s Busy Street by Lisa McCue (Illustrator), Don Freeman (Contributor)

Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss

Cookies Week by Cindy Ward and Tomie dePaola

What are your favorites?! Will you leave them in the comments below? I’d love to add your favorites to our library.


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