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I love toys that teach and promote real-life skills and keep my daughter actively engaged, especially in a world that is increasingly saturated with passive activities (i.e. TV, video games, iPads, etc.) Our playroom has things like a homemade sensory board, wheely bug, and a montessori object permanence box.

So, it’s an understatement to say that I was really excited when asked to review the STRIDER 12 Sport Balance Bike.

It’s the ideal starter bike for kiddos ages 18 months-5 years, and they learn from the beginning to balance on a bike without training wheels. That was a big plus for me! Not only that, but it’s super easy to adjust the height, and it’s lightweight and easy for a toddler to handle. There are also 7 different colors to pick from.

Using a balance bike can increase a child’s coordination and confidence on a bike, while encouraging the child to focus on balancing first, without any chains or pedals getting in the way. It also allows for a natural transition to a regular bike.

Since my daughter just recently turned old enough to use the bike, she’s still getting comfortable around it, but I can tell it’s something that she will use for years to come!


***The above photo was taken for the humor factor.***When my daughter is on the bike she ALWAYS wears a helmet. 🙂

This is a sponsored post, the contributor received the bike in exchange for this post but all opinions are her own. 




  1. I wouldn’t really call this a review of the bike being the best, since no other bikes were mentioned. This was more of a commentary on how you liked this bike. I was looking for a comparison review when I clicked the link.


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