Sunday Meal Planning Series {Christmas Breakfast}


smp xmas

I love making an indulgent, yummy breakfast for Christmas morning.

Christmas music is playing, the kids open all of their presents by 6am and are busy with their new toys. We have nothing to do but relax and spend time together as a family. This gives me the perfect chance to make a big breakfast that will fill everyone up until Christmas dinner is ready. Here are my three favorite indulgent breakfasts to make. They are all so delicious… now to decide which one to make this year!

1) Biscuits and Sausage Gravy: This is definitely a once-a-year sort of recipe. Because it is so rich and delicious, it’s perfect for Christmas morning with the fire roaring and nowhere to go for the rest of the day. I double the recipe and use one roll of ground spicy sausage and one roll of the plain. The spice adds a little kick to the sausage gravy.

2) The best homemade cinnamon rolls:  I make these the day before, so I just have to bake them on Christmas morning. Making homemade cinnamon rolls may sound daunting, but these are easy and worth the effort.

3) The best french toast recipe: Last year, I made this recipe and my children still ask for this particular french toast. The difference from other recipes is that it uses a little flour. Keep adding extra cinnamon to the batter to make sure every piece gets fully coated.

What are your favorite Christmas Breakfast recipes? Please post links below!!



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