“Holiday Spirit”: Your Holiday Lights BFF


Holiday Spirit

Our family LOVES holiday lights. We oooooh and aaaaah in unison through bedazzled shopping centers. We take leisurely walks after dark to admire the neighbors’ displays. We *might* pose something of a traffic hazard, prone to braking without warning to soak in an impressive exhibit.

Even with our enthusiasm, my husband and I have succeeded in putting holiday lights on our own roofline once. And only once. It was our first married Christmas… and let’s just say, it wasn’t a project that brought out the best in either of us. (gulp.)

But this year is different: We have a 3-year-old who is a MAJOR fan of holiday lights… and a 2-week-old who is a MAJOR non-fan of sleep. 
Basically, we wanted our own twinkling light display, but with two young kids and a jam packed work calendar, we didn’t have it in us to tackle the project ourselves…

ENTER: Local, friendly, honest and affordable: Holiday Spirit!

Tom and his crew were available on super short notice, prepared to install a fully-customizable lighting display of our choosing. You want one color on the verticals and a different color on the horizontals? Your Palo Verde tree wrapped or your shrubs draped? NO PROBLEM. It was so fun choosing our design, and we can’t recommend him enough.

Best of all, this is a full put up/take down service. That means Tom installs new LED lights on a timer when you call, then returns in early January to cleanly remove them. We love that we aren’t left buying and storing lights that may or may not work next year (if we can get them untangled…).
Translation: You get all of the enjoyment with none of the nuisance. And this early in December, you still have plenty of time to maximize the fun before the season is over.

Tom is offering a *great special* on tree wrapping: $179 for the installation of 500 linear feet (up to 2,400 bulbs) of new mini lights in the color(s) of your choice on Palo Verdes, Mequites, or Olive trees. That’s a lot of lights and a huge savings! Definitely worth a call.

We are big fans, Tom! Thank you from all of us (especially our 3-year-old!) for bringing holiday cheer to our home — and for saving us from being the Bah-Humbug house of the neighborhood.


Find him on Facebook HERE   then call him
at (480) 888-6071.

Happy Holidays!!


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