Get Motivated to Move Mommy!

The struggle is real…especially when it comes to getting motivated to workout. Yes, once you’re in motion half the work is done, but I’m here to help you to get over the hump of trying, or at least get you out of your pajamas. After all you do for your family – whether it’s entertaining your children, house work or holding meetings at the office, it seems we sometimes struggle to find the time or energy to get motivated to move.

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Whether you’re just starting a new workout routine or have been out of your Pilates practice for a while, the first step to getting back in is to try removing the barriers. The barriers are the excuses we give ourselves for not working out. Not enough time, no energy, lack of sleep, etc. Start with eating right, set a bedtime routine not just for your children but also for yourself and get plenty of rest. Carve out a block of time in the day just for you. Make YOU a priority.

So, now you’re ready! Here are 5 ways to help you stay on track to get your sexy back!!

1) Try Something New

It’s time to refresh your workout. More than likely your workout from college doesn’t quite do the job it used to. This doesn’t mean you have to endure hours of painful butt kicking, just change it up and have fun! Try Zumba, Barre, Cross Fit or take your workout outdoors.

2) Join A Team

Go Team Mommy! Whether it be barrre3 Scottsdale or Stroller Strides you can always find a community of fitness minded moms who want you on their team. These communities are non-intimidating and inspiring, yet the workouts are just the right amount of challenging to get started and keep you fit. Many studios offer child care while you workout too!

3) Give Yourself A Break

Don’t stress if you miss a workout. Set realistic goals when getting back in shape. Working out seven days a week might sound fantastic, but you don’t want to burn out your body. You’ll not only lose momentum, but motivation as well. So try 3 days in a row then take a day off. Be kind to your body and you’ll see better results.

4) Dress The Part

Do your new shoes put a pep in your step or do your new lulus make you feel fabulous? Me too! For me it could be as simple as rocking a new headband or pair of barre socks. Whenever I wear a new piece of workout attire I love that it makes me feel better and workout happier. Try rewarding yourself with that cute new Athleta tank you’ve been eyeing or new water bottle every time you hit your goal. Get your workout swag on!

5) Get Your Family on Board

Good news is, working out is great for the whole family! Set time aside after dinner for a family run (or walk). Fall/Winter in AZ is a great time to get outdoors so hit the trails. When our son was born my husband gave up his gym membership to save money and bought a home gym to set up in the garage. This allowed him more time at home with our newborn and me. We were able to take turns working out and feeding baby. Find what works for your family and help to keep each other accountable.

There is no need to wait until the new year to get motivated! Start now and find a happier and healthier you. Share with us below, what are your favorite work outs? How do you stay motivated? What are your fitness goals? 


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