The Crazy Parenting Trick I Use to Start My Day


parenting trick

I have found the solution to parenting… said no parent, ever. Over the three years of E’s short life, I’ve picked up a few parenting tricks here and there. Some things work once or twice, and some things revolutionize our routines.

My newest trick? Matching outfits!

Getting the two of us ready on any given day is a carefully orchestrated affair. We have our routines. The amount of time it takes to get out the door depends on which day it is, and what we have going on. One day I was having trouble getting E dressed; she didn’t like any of the clothes I picked out for her, and we were running late. Finally, she picked out a lime green tank and said, “Just like Mommy”. The light bulb went on in my head (just like in a cartoon). I can minimize our morning struggles by letting her wear clothes that match mine.

It doesn’t happen everyday, of course. Some days we are complete twins from head to toe, other days we just have on similar color schemes. Sometimes I even let her pick out my clothes. I even found that when I buy clothes, I have started spending more time thinking about what will coordinate from E’s wardrobe (or vice versa).

It may seem indulgent, or silly, but it works for us (for now). I know that too soon, she won’t want to match with Mommy. So for right now, I embrace our indulgent morning ritual as a way to connect. And when this is no longer part of our morning routine, I will enjoy whatever new routine we develop.

What tricks help you get the kids up and moving in the morning?


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