The 7 Best Thanksgiving Recipes


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If you are planning Thanksgiving for the first time (or the tenth!), it can be a little overwhelming to find recipes.

A quick search on Thanksgiving recipes brings up over 36,200,000 results. Well, I’m sharing with you my tested family favorites.

I know you have the turkey covered, so these are the sides and dessert I would tell you to add in to your rotation. Tradition is good. After all, I’m a Texas A&M Aggie, so my heart beats to the rhythm of tradition, but ever so often, you just need to add in something new to spice things up! You’ve gotta keep everyone on their toes, right?

The best ThanksgivingRecipes

  1. Pioneer Woman’s Basic Stuffing – just like it says, it’s the basic, Uncle Bob is coming to dinner version. You can’t go wrong with this version. If someone doesn’t like it, you can just say – “Hey, it’s Pioneer Woman’s recipe. She has her own television show.” I’m sure Ree wouldn’t mind.
  2. Real Simple’s Lettuce, Orange, and Pecan Salad – the best part about this one? You can make it a day before! It’s a pretty salad, and with all the brown on the table, you are gonna need a little happy color.
  3. Grandma White’s Cornbread – the perfect side for people who don’t like stuffing. Moist and yummy with a little twist. This is also amazing for leftovers. Make a little bowl with cornbread, turkey, and cranberry. Heat it up and take a nice long nap.    6a00e554e8b4c28833017d3d324f59970c-800wi
  4. Blackberries with Goat Cheese & Honey Appetizer – this appetizer will keep everyone happy while they say hello to family!  It is the perfect finger food – quick and easy to assemble.
  5. Pioneer Woman’s Cornbread Stuffing with Sausage and Apples – if you need a new version of stuffing to spice things up – this is it. Even the kids love it!
  6. Blueberry Arugula Salad – This one. Yum. The arugula is so delicious with the blueberries. It is seriously a fun flavor combo that gives your guests something a little different. Plus it adds that color to the table again.
  7. Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies – These are seriously adorable. My friend Cindy makes these every year and they are always a huge hit with the kids! As they kids get older, you can even have them make their own.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes? Leave them in the comments – you never know who is searching for the perfect green bean casserole recipe!




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