“Seussical the Musical” in review!


in review!

Last Friday, my husband Mikel and I basically spent the evening revisiting our childhoods, thanks to Christian Youth Theater’s super talented kids! When we learned that CYT of Phoenix was putting on “Seussical the Musical”, we knew we had to nab tickets. Previous shows we’ve seen have demonstrated this hardworking group’s talents, and this time didn’t disappoint. SO STINKING CUTE!

I have to tell you about it because this weekend is your last chance to see it, and I don’t want to be held responsible for your sadness if you miss it due to sheer lack-of-awareness.

…..Also, purely FYI — I don’t have a kid performing in it, I didn’t have a hand in the production, nobody paid me to write this. I’m just a selfless, saintly person who wants you, too, to have fun plans this weekend. You are so welcome.

If you grew up rooting on Horton the Elephant for the sake of his precious Who’s, while reviling the dreadful Wickersham Brothers and that mouthy Kangaroo mom/babe combo — you’ll so appreciate this storyline.
The Cat in the Hat is the perfect Master of Ceremonies.
And Gertrude McFuzz’s pitiful little tail takes on a personality all its own that will have you grinning, I promise. (PS, Gertie is a riot! Even my “typically laughs on the inside but is still a very pleasant and perfectly nice person” husband was chuckling. Seriously — a hoot.)

I admit to having spent half of the show wondering how in the world someone got those little girls’ hair to stand on end in perfect, firework-style fashion only befitting a community of Who’s. Which brings me to my next point — costumes. The costumes are adorbs.
Horton is just slouchy enough for an elephant.
JoJo is pinch-worthy presh.
Mayzie the bird and her back-up dancing birdie gang are WOW, flouncy and featherful.
Rivaled only by the vibrant, very Seussesque set design, the costumes make an already entertaining show even more fun and colorful.

So basically: Make it date night or a whole family event and go see Seussical. The kids of about 3-yrs-old and up will love it, too.
Like I said, your last chances are THIS WEEKEND:
Friday, Nov 13th – 7:00pm
Saturday, Nov 14th – 1:00pm, 4:30pm
Sunday, Nov 15th – 2:00pm

Visit this website for location info and to reserve tickets online. And while you’re at it, follow the CYT Phoenix Facebook page so you’re in the know for future performances.

Who doesn’t want to support local youth, involved in something clean, fun and productive?? This is a great opportunity! Way to go, CYT! So great to see that you really are “developing character, one stage at a time”. We look forward to the next!



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