Why You Should Leave the Kids at Home, and Head to Disneyland


Disneyland Castle

Note: Welcome Courtney to our contributor team! She is a busy mom raising her little girl while working and in school. Courtney loves sharing about living a happy fulfilled life and we hope you enjoy reading her posts. 

When I lived in San Diego (pre-child), one of my favorite weekend activities was a trip to Disneyland. People are usually surprised to find out how many trips I’ve taken to Disney Parks as an adult. I’ve taken my three year old a few times, but I love heading out on a child free trip to Disneyland when I can schedule it. Here are some of the things I love about spending time in Disneyland without a little one.

The flexibility! We have a saying among my friends and family, “Everyone runs their own race.” This means that when we vacation as a group of adults, everyone is empowered to do what makes them happy. I like to go into the parks early (while everyone is sleeping), ride a few rides, and then meet back up for breakfast. Not having a child in tow means that I get to decide what I want to do, without worrying about naptimes, feeding schedules, or anyone else’s tantrums.


Pumpkin Beignet in New Orleans Square for breakfast!

The restaurants! Between the two parks, three hotels, and downtown Disney, there are so many places to eat. Without a toddler to factor in, I can make a late dinner reservation at a nice restaurant. No need to worry about providing distractions or hope that everyone stays in a good mood. I also don’t have to pay for a plate of food that may or may not be eaten.

Pro tip: make a late breakfast reservation, so that your brunch keeps you going until dinner. Or, make a late lunch reservation that doubles as an early dinner. Lunch prices are typically less than dinner at the sit down restaurants.


Fried Pickles at the Carnation Cafe on Main Street

The rides! The obvious perk is being able to skip the tamer rides and jump on things like Space Mountain, The Tower of Terror, or California Screamin’ without having to swap out a small child. There is also the option of using the single rider lines, or getting fast passes (and hanging out with a beverage while you wait to ride)…which leads me to…

The beverages! Did you know that there are bars in Disney’s California Adventure? It’s a great way to catch up with friends and wait until you can use a fast pass. Each bar also offers small bites and appetizers, making it a great place to find a light dinner too.

The special events! My trip this time was planned around Mickey’s Halloween Party. You can purchase entrance to this exclusive event. It includes entrance to Disneyland on party nights and you get to dress up in costume and trick or treat through the park. Since Halloween night is all about the kids, I love this opportunity to be a kid again. Disney knows how to hand out candy, I always leave this event with tons of goodies (that I do usually share when I get home).

*These events could be fun with children, but my little one is too young to stay out until midnight without a ton of drama, so I’m waiting until she is older to take her to park events*

These are just a few of the reasons that I love to enjoy a weekend at Disneyland. One other reason I love going without E, is that it makes me even more excited to bring her back next time. I enjoy my time away, recharging my batteries, but I miss her tons while I’m gone. I see lots of things that I know she would love, and I’m excited to plan more trips to share one of my favorite places with her.


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