Making Mom Friends (And Why It’s A Lot Like Dating)



Note: We would like to introduce you to another new contributor, Kallie! She is a loving mom to two young boys and we can’t wait for you to read more about her life as a mother, friend and trying to keep a healthy, balanced life as a SAHM.   

Let’s face it. Whether we want to admit it or not, once you become a mom, you’ve got to find yourself some mom friends. Women you can schedule play dates with. Women you can have conversations you half listen to while wrangling your children. Women who won’t pass judgement when you show up with no make up, smelly clothes, and bags under your eyes. Women who aren’t bothered by screaming toddlers and spilled sippy cups and cracker crumbs.

Yes…mom friends are a necessity. But how do you find them? Lucky for you, I’ve created a simple 4-step process to making (and hopefully keeping) these valuable relationships. Also lucky for you, it’s a lot like dating, since you’ve done that a time or two, you should hopefully be able to figure this out pretty quick.

Step 1: The Pick-Up Line

We’ve all been there. You see a mom across the park. She looks nice enough, carrying a baby in her ergo and following her toddler around the playground. Well, don’t stand there awkwardly while your kiddos play together… say something! Because you’re both moms, you have a million things already in common. You could ask her how old her children are, comment on the cool baby gadget you spotted she had handy, ask where her and the kids go for fun…the possibilities are endless.

Step 2: Swap Digits

Now that you’ve had some pleasant chit chat, it’s time to let her know you’d like to take this relationship one step further. When you go to leave, don’t be afraid to offer up your digits! I’ve heard that some women carry around mom cards to pass out? Hey, whatever works! Let her know you’d be interested in a play date sometime, or to meet at the park again. I can’t count how many times I’ve kicked myself for meeting someone who I had great conversation with, only to leave without swapping information. Those are missed opportunities for meaningful relationships.

Step 3: Plan Your [Play] Date

Think of a fun spot where your kiddos can play and get a playdate on the calendar. These first few dates, (errr playdates) can be awkward since you don’t know each other well. But remember…relationships take time. Especially when small screaming and needy toddlers are involved, the building of a friendship is going to be a process. Looking back, some of my most awkward initial conversations with someone turned into some of the deepest relationships.

Step 4: Make It [Facebook] Official

Because we all know that you can’t officially say you are friends with someone unless you are friends on Facebook right?! Of course I’m kidding. The point I’m making here is to reach out, put yourself out there, and do some work to forge a lasting friendship. Tools like Facebook and other social media outlets can help you know what’s going on in the other person’s life so that you can reach out and be a friend when they really need one. The result of this of course is that when you are struggling, you’ll have a group of women you can turn to for help.

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