What’s for Dinner? Food Blogs I Love!


Dinner postGiven the time, I love cooking.

Simplicity and planning are definitely key these days, especially with three little eaters that all have different tastes. My kids love getting their hands dirty, stirring and mixing batter for chocolate chip cookies, or helping chop ingredients with their plastic knives. Patience is my friend, as I silently recite my mantra that we are making memories, not a mess!

Cooking has changed over the years, I haven’t opened up my pile of cookbooks in quite some time. More often than not, I turn to food blogs I love for inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites, a few from right in our own backyard.

Picky-Palate: My love affair with this blog began with desserts.  I was drooling over a brownie/red velvet cake concoction that was more for me than any of my kids. There are recipes for every meal period on the site, gorgeous pictures, and everything flows well and is easy to follow.

Spoonful of Flavor: The pictures on this site will make anyone hungry, but I especially love the “Healthy” section of this blog. Great inspiration for main dishes, desserts and snacks that are satisfying while also good for you. The blogger, Ashley Cote, does her own recipe development and comes up with some pretty amazing dishes. The recipe on my “must-do” list right now does NOT come from the healthy section, but sounds worth every calorie – Banana Coconut Crunch Cake.

JoanieSimon: I have known Joanie for several years and we are in similar stages of kids, work and general craziness. She launched this beautiful site a bit earlier this year. Lots of tips for cooking with kids, reviews of restaurants, and of course, recipes. Joanie has a powerful personal story so the blog weaves in musings on her life and meditation with an honesty that is downright refreshing.

Heartbeet Kitchen: This blog was a referral and a perfect recommendation as I try to make healthy items as often as possible. I am a big Chipotle fan, so on my list to try is the Cuban Pulled Pork that mimics the “carnitas” at the restaurant. My husband and I recently had a brief foray into “Whole30” and this would have saved us quite a bit of money!

Dinner: A Love Story: This blog is chock full of advice for everything from dining out with kids, tips for streamlining weeknight dinners and recipes to simplify life. There is a whole section on chicken, which is a staple in my house.  I particularly like the homemade “Shake ‘n Bake” chicken, because if you actually look at the processed version, it is kinda gross.

Many of my friends head to Pinterest, which I agree is a wonderful source. Where do you get your best ideas? Staples for quick, healthy meals?



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