Football Frenzy {Contributor Corner}


footballFootball season is upon us!

Time to break out the jerseys, load up on snacks, and get your game faces on. We asked our contributors how their families get into football season – favorite teams, traditions or ways to watch the game. Read all about it below, then let us know who you and your family are cheering for this year.



Rebecca: I can’t say it’s a “tradition” — but our house is “traditionally” pretty noisy during Cowboys games!

Renee: We are Notre Dame fans and love to watch the games with our kids and friends. Besides blue/gold/green shirts and little leprechauns, the ND fight song and “Go Irish” were the first traditions we made sure our boys knew for game day.

Amy: Every year our family throws a field goal kicking contest. This year it will be our 12th year doing it. It started out just between me and my husband. Now it has grown to include families and last year a kids’ contest.


Marissa: My husband and I are ASU graduates, and die-hard Sun Devil fans. This year we have our first season tickets–and last year Evie went to more games than we did! We do it all from tailgating with family before the game, to chowing down at ChuckBox after. And I get a kick out of seeing my nosy kid watch EVERYTHING and EVERYONE during the game.


Beth: Every Sunday during NFL season is known as Cardinals Day at our house. We get ready for the season by purchasing new Cardinals shirts for the girls, then everyone wears their Cardinals shirts on Sundays and we plan our activities around game time. The girls don’t understand football very well, but my 5-year-old can tell if the Cardinals are winning by looking at the score board on TV (great math lesson!). My youngest points and yells “Cardinals!” when she sees people in public wearing their Cardinals gear. Football-Beth


Jessica: Football takes over the TV Thursday-Monday at our house. We always watch the Iowa Hawkeye games on Saturdays and my boys love cheering with Dad and yelling with him when they score. Somehow my husband convinced me to do a fantasy football league for the first time this year (I got to meet Eddie Lacy earlier this year so I made sure to draft him first) – now I actually have to pay attention to the games and see how my team is doing, but we always get together with friends to watch big games so I enjoy that part!


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