Mom’s Morning Out. AKA: Heaven on Thursday.


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Oh haaai, friend. Pull up a chair.

La ti da.

That? Oh, nothing. Just the remnants of a cinnamon bun that baby-in-the-tummy and I consumed without sharing a single bite with anyone else.

And the mug? It held in its loving care the coffee I sipped at my leisure while still hot. Yes, for real. I know.

You see, my dear – today is the holiest of days. For today is Thursday. I am chatting ever so calmly with you from the comfort and serenity of Modern Grove, and as you might have guessed: I am toddler-free.
Happy Place

Now, you know this about me… My little, sugar-lipped, red headed, darling of a boy is my very pulse. He smiles, and I smile. He gets a bonk, and I feel actual pain. He asks for ice cream, and I magically find myself craving ice cream.

He’s the best. I’m hopelessly devoted to hiiiiim.

But on Thursdays from 9-noon, he is overjoyed to be under someone else’s watchful and loving eye as a pupil of Desert Springs Bible Church’s Mom’s Morning Out. Best $8 I ever spent. Well — on the heels of the $3 for that cinnamon roll.

My sugie-sweets plays and snacks and climbs and tears things apart and probably whines and colors and sings and slides and romps and socializes. And I sit here. Drinking coffee. Eating what I want. Chatting with you. Or — introverting, if I prefer (I do so love to introvert). I get to pick, like a grown up.

And then? After the clock strikes 12 and we are reunited — him with flushed cheeks and me with a refreshed spirit — he NAPS. And not just any nap; the played-hard kind of napping. It’s the $8 gift that keeps on giving.

“I wish,” you lament.
“YOU WISH?!” I retort — for it’s open to the public! You just sign up your sweetie (18mo – 5 yrs) through the link I plopped in up there ^, and save your spare nickels for whichever pastry you most desire at the moment.

Then: while your kid plays with my kid and your taste buds meet the sweet embrace of brunch…. you think of me.

I know. I love you, too.
Cheers and Amen.


  1. There is a new children’s art studio opening on Friday January 8 for children 18months and up! They have mommy and me classes but also crafternoons where u can drop off your child (3 year old and up)! Check out the website at [email protected] to see all the many classes available!


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