Parent Resource: Expect More AZ


Expect More Arizona is an organization that is dedicated to seeing that every child in Arizona has access to world class education, starting in the early years and all the way through college. They started out as a public awareness campaign by some local business and education leaders who saw a need for improvement in our educational system. In 2011 they officially formalized as a non-profit and are currently in 30 cities across our state working to help our school systems progress.


Expect More AZ is also dedicated to keeping parents informed on all things education and up to date with resources available that range from understanding more about AzMERIT to preparing your children for college. We recently had the opportunity to meet with Expect More Arizona’s team and learn more what they are doing to change education in AZ. Here are some of our favorite take aways from that meeting and we hope that you will take some time visit their site to check out all of the resources they have to offer or get involved.

  • is a resource to keep parents and their children active in their learning. Each day they post something simple, but effective, that you can do TODAY to help support your child’s learning. They also have flyers located at various AZ destinations to give you ideas for enriching your time spent there and incorporating learning opportunities.
  • The organization has put together a Parent Guide for each grade level. These are quick reference guides to give parents an overview of what their children will be learning that year and also some fun activities you can do at home to support their learning.
  • Here is an AzMERIT webinar put together by Expect More AZ. It explains to parents more about why AzMERIT is being used as the new test, what they should expect to see on their child’s test and how to read the scores.


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