Yo, Momma. Yo Gotta YONANAS!


What?!? That is right, ladies. This one is for you (and the kids, too, I suppose). Meet my new best friend… Yonanas!

It stalked me all hot, summer long during my “favorite” errand of super-sized grocery shopping with kids in tow. Every time I pushed that huge cart around the store, this appliance appeared. One week the device sat perched on the end of the aisle, enticing me with pictures of fruit. Other days the boxed good hid in the middle among the other items, whispering songs of sweetness to the ears of my taste buds. It even showed up on one of my own Facebook status updates “Anyone out there own a Yonanas? Thoughts?”


After being drenched and weary from walking 10 minutes outside of my car to pick the kids up from school that first week back in Arizona, I decided that no matter the cost we were going to own one.

Buckle up, kids… this school bus is headed to the store to get us a cool treat we can make anytime at home. Yonanas!

I talked about it the whole drive there. The little future engineers in the back got excited about it as much as I did. I recently started eating Paleo after my addiction to refined sugar and any form of grain consumed my thoughts and controlled my expanding waistline. This new, healthy dietary lifestyle allowed for fruit but not dairy. Yonanas had caught and held my eye, promising to make me frozen yogurt-like dessert from a banana and other fruits. Score! This science-loving mind could not pass up the opportunity to see it in action, eat less white powder, provide a healthy snack for the kiddos, and save money (because it was now $10 off!) My strange attraction to a not yet owned appliance would soon come to an end. I wanted to try it. Thus, we bought it.

Yonanas 4

It took some time before we could experiment with our Yonanas. The frozen fruit stood ready to roll but the bananas, which I bought green (I know smart move, right) needed to ripen into tiny Cheetahs and then be frozen a whole 24 hours first. This family could not wait. My 7 year old junk food loving son, who only eats apples, kept asking every 5 seconds if it was time.

For me, his reaction and anticipation to eat other fruits, already served as a win.

The minute came to test it and Yo know what? We loved it.


I agree with some of the ABCs Gadget Guy’s descriptive views. There is a lot left inside once you turn the machine off. I consider that the Dishwasher’s Reward because we all know who really does the dishes (mom, not the kids) and what a gift it is to eat more without being noticed. I find it super easy to clean, as well. It also comes with its own recipe booklet. Here are some of the tantalizing guide’s titles: Cookies and Cream, Coffee Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Cocoa, Pumpkin Pie, and Tropical Sorbet. There are several non banana recipes to create too. I have not made all of them yet but I look forward to trying them.

As a mom whose kids love popsicles and other frozen delights, I love this new, healthy, and yummy purchase for my family.

I am Yonanas for it and I think, you will be, too!


(I am just sharing the love with you all. In no way do I get anything from this review and there are no financial ties with Dole. It is just my personal opinion and not a sponsored post.)



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Amy Troxell, native to AZ, studied structural-engineering at USC in LA in hopes of meeting the cute guy on the department’s ad. A degree and a full-time job later back in AZ, she met her now 10+ year structural-engineering husband. The two are blessed and busy raising their 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls). Amy enjoys anything active. Whether it’s hiking, group fitness classes, coed-softball, playing in the backyard, driving the minivan, couponing, volunteering, or aiding at a school part-time, she’s constantly moving. Amy looks forward to sharing her thoughts, experiences, joys, and tears on this journey of motherhood with SMB.


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