Time to Keep Calm and Get Pampered



imageYou survived the summer, hooray! The kids are back in school and hopefully that means at least a few more moments to yourself. Take one of those precious moments to do something for yourself; you deserve it. Here are a few indulgences for every time and price range you may have to work with. It is time to keep calm and get pampered!

Stretch: 2 Minutes/Free

Whether you are at work or at home, take a quick stress-relief break and gently stretch your neck by looking up, down, and touching your ears to your shoulders then gently rub your neck and shoulders and repeat. If you have some privacy or a super laid-back workplace use some lotion, preferably with a calming scent like chamomile or lavender, for a more spa-like mini-break.

Soak in Style: 15-30 Minutes/Free-Inexpensive

Soaking in the tub can provide a small getaway when you have a limited amount of time to unwind without the kids. Just the bare minimum of floating in warm water will ease some tension but you can easily take it up a notch with some add-ons:

Put on a soothing Pandora Radio station on your phone. The “Spa Radio” station is seriously relaxing.

Light some candles

Add a cup of Epsom salts into the warm water

Add two teaspoons of coconut or olive oil

Top with a few drops essential oil of your choice

Soak as long as you can. The salts and oils cleanse and detoxify your skin while the ambient mood and relaxing of the muscles create a very relaxing mini-escape.

Deep Condition: 30 Minutes/$15-$30

Visit your local salon for a quick deep condition and head massage. Release the tension while testing your tresses. I love going to Ulta and doing the chemistry shot treatments for specific issues. They will normally give you a simple blow out for free with the treatment and this gives you an opportunity to pick up any beauty products you may need.

Blow-out at DryBar: 1 hours/$50-$100

DryBar at The Scottsdale Quarter is ultra-posh and super fun to do with a friend. If you are not familiar with the salon, DryBar only washes and styles hair; no cuts or colors. The drink themed menu is adorable and they offer blowouts such as the Cosmopolitan and Uptini up-dos. I recommend doing this one as early as possibly as to extend the good hair as long as possible. After your blow-out stop by Press Coffee just a few stores down for one of their delicious drinks.

Spa-cation at FireSky Resort: 2-3 hours/$170 +tax and tip

The Jurlique Spa at FireSky Resort is one of my favorite spas in Scottsdale and is backed by rave internet reviews. They offer an amazing deal for Arizona residents. They offer two of the following services foer $170:

50-minute massage
50-minute facial
100 minute nail service (manicure and pedicure)

If time allows, you can also enjoy the beautiful resort pool and other facilities.

Whether you have five minutes or all day, do something for yourself. The pampering will give you an instant mood boost as well as help rejuvenate and re-energize for your little ones.

How do you pamper yourself?


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