Back 2 School {Crane Humidifiers}


back2school-CraneBack to School also means back to germs. Kids get sick and there is not much we can do to prevent it. But there are things we can do to relive their symptoms and help them heal. Crane Humidifiers are wonderful for this, they release ultrasonic cool mist into the air to increase the moisture for better breathing. These are not the bulky, loud humidifiers of your past. The drop humidifiers are stylish and sleek looking and come in a large variety of colors, they can easily be placed in your living room and fit right in with your décor while keeping your family healthy. Crane also makes the most adorable animal humidifiers for the kid’s bedrooms or playrooms and recently released a travel humidifier for when you are on the go.


We have had our Crane Cool Mist Humidifier for over a year now, my kids are young so there is not a lot of medications they can take. That is one of the reasons I love having this product so much, it helps with the stuffy noses, coughs and dry air no matter your age. It is easy to use and is really quiet so it never keeps the kids up when they need to be sleeping. I also really like that when the water tank is empty the humidifier automatically shuts off. Crane has other products like cute re-chargeable night lights for kids (we have the frog one) fans, and warm steam vaporizers.

We are teaming with Crane to get an adorable bumble bee Crane Humidifier into one of our reader’s homes!

Crane Bumblebee 001

** Only one entry per person, per entry method. Contest is open until midnight Sunday, August 30th! The winner will be notified soon after! Only open to Arizona residents. **

1: COMMENT. Comment below for an entry to win! Tell us which humidifier you like best!

2: FACEBOOK. Follow Scottsdale Moms Blog and Crane USA on Facebook, then leave a comment below letting us know you did.


  1. Following Scottsdale Mom’s Blog & Crane. I looked through the different styles of Crane humidifiers & I have to say the bumblebee is honestly my favorite…super cute. I seriously need to win this because my humidifier is ancient, & all 3 of my kids are sick with head colds right now. Fingers crossed! 😉

  2. I love Crane humidifiers. Seriously the best and only ones we use. They are really easy to maintain and work really well. I love the bumble bee one and haven’t seen it before. We are needing a new humidifier as fall approaches and we have four kids in school now!

  3. we have the monkey version for our son and just used it last night! I would love a drop version for our room, it is so helpful with this dry Arizona air!

  4. LOVE crane humidifiers! Bought the white one for our first daughter and loved it so much! We had a new baby in May and one night in my sleep-deprived clumsiness I dropped the whole thing completely full of water on our tile floor and it cracked! Would be so sweet to win a new one- we miss it!!!

  5. Perfect timing! I was just setting up a humidifier for our twins- They both had bloody noses this week 🙁
    The bumble bee is super cute!
    Following SMB & Crane!

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