Kids Eat Healthy Too: Where to Take Them in Scottsdale



My husband and I really enjoy going out to eat…

…and even though attempting to get two squirmy children to sit still for an hour is a pain, having someone else prepare and cook us a delicious meal more than makes up for it. I try my best to feed my family healthy, nourishing meals at home and would like to do the same when we are at a restaurant. I’ve recently started to notice how hard this can be though, almost every kids meal option is a choice of chicken strips, grilled cheese, mac n’ cheese and French fries. Now I’m not saying my kids don’t ever eat these things, but when they do it will be from the comfort of my own home when I am too lazy busy to cook up something nutritionally magical myself. If I am paying for them to eat out, I would like it to be more appetizing and good for them, rather than deep-fried and cheese covered. If you are in the same boat, here are some great options in the Scottsdale area that will satisfy both adult and the children cravings.

Grabba Green – This is a locally owned spot that was started by moms who wanted a solution for feeding their kids healthy on the go, exactly what I was looking for. Kids get to choose their vegetable and either greens or brown rice, but the best part is all of the yummy sauces to choose from. All of them are homemade at the restaurant and there are enough to choose from that everyone will be able to find something they like, my kids favorite is the yogurt agave BBQ. Grabba Green has two Scottsdale locations, on 101 & FLW, and on 74th St & Shea.

Fresh Box – This restaurant is committed to using locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible. Though there are chicken strips on the menu, they are made from all natural free range chicken and breaded with rolled oats. There is also a “Kidsadilla” option that is made with a spinach or gluten-free tortilla. The kids also get to choose two sides with each meal. Freshbox also has two Scottsdale locations, one in the Grayhawk area and another near McDowell Mountain.

True FoodsThis is one of my favorite places for kid’s meals. The options are meals that even adults would enjoy and they are made from real foods and include lots of fruits and veggies. They also offer several gluten-free and vegetarian options. My kids’ favorite thing to eat at True Foods is the almond butter, banana, and strawberry sandwich with a side of carrots, but the Chicken Teriyaki bowl is great too. True Foods has two locations in the area: Scottsdale Quarter and Biltmore Fashion Park.


Pita Jungle – The kid’s meals here have so many options. Kids get to choose a protein, grain, vegetable and fruit. There are vegetarian options for the protein including tofu, hummus, and lentils. My kids like to get the pita bread and cucumber slices to dip in hummus. There many Arizona locations including four in the Scottsdale area.

Has your family tried any of these restaurants? Do you have any you would add to our list? Comment below! 


  1. Agree 100% on Pita Jungle and True Foods. They are great sit down options that have a kid friendly environment. I look to Grabba Green as a juicing option, so shall try it for lunch sometime.


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