Celebrating Our Teachers


Celebrating our teachers is important for kids and their families. May 4 -8 is the week when children have the opportunity to show how much they love their teacher. 

How do we do that? For teacher appreciation week, why not decorate your classroom doors on a budget?

Many moms can help by crafting and taping to make door decorations. It’s always a bit of a challenge to decorate the doors without excessive cost, time or effort. In recent years, I discovered crafty ways to make beautiful doors completely sourced from my local Dollar Tree store… (and fast too).

Here are my tips to decorate classrooms doors on a budget:

collage of items - doneYou will need to purchase these items from your Dollar store:

  • 2 Tri-folds
  • 3 colorful poster boards for background
  • Design elements (your choice): drawer liners, table cloths, birthday banners, teacher bulletin board cardboard pieces, ribbons & bows, fake flowers, room decorative decals and any other random seasonal decoration that can be used (see 4th of July star tablecloth below). All available at the Dollar Tree and all can all be used to decorate the boards. I typically just roam the aisles and drop items in. No guilt since it just costs $1!
  • Sharpie
  • Glue-gun required as well (You can purchase them at Michaels or Target. If you have kids, you will need a glue gun at some point 🙂

The Process:

tri fold work - done1) Cut one side off each tri-fold, then tape together. Measure your classroom door to be certain, but for our school, I just cut off one flap from 2 tri-folds and then tape together with clear duct tape. Tri-folds at the Dollar Tree store are narrower than those at other stores and once cut, typically easily fit the door frame – inside of the doorknob. So, no extra cutting of a door knob hole to make it fit!

2) Glue-gun the 3 colorful poster boards on your tri-fold (you may have to overlap the poster board ). The poster board may hang over a little from the tri-fold, but as long as your class door is wider than the tri-fold, the little hangover should be fine.

sports banner - done3)  Cut out items that you plan to decorate board with. Arrange your decorations on the board. Leave room to sharpie a nice message to your teacher. Then glue gun it all down! sports door before creation - done

To affix the board to door, I typically staple rope to back of the board, and use either 3M hooks or a plastic over-the-door wreath hanger (also available at Dollar Tree) to hang.

Here are 3 boards I put together this week. Everything is purchased from the Dollar Tree, except the music sheet paper that I got from Michaels for $0.40/page.


room door sign - done

Happy Crafting for Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Do you have tips you can share for decorating classroom doors? How do you celebrate your child’s teacher? 


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