SMB Summer Camp Recommendations!


[updated 04/2019]

Spring break is over, so you know what that means! Summer is right around the corner and we should start planning our camp schedules before the kids are out from school with NOTHING to do.

My camp philosophy? During the school year, if my kids ask to add a particular activity to their packed schedule, I make a note to put it on the camp list. What better time to try a new sport or interest than during summer break? You can find a camp for almost any idea that your kids throw your way. My kids are already talking about what camps they would like to try this summer! We will try out a week, then add more weeks if they LOVE it.

Here are my picks for best summer camps based on interest. These are camps that my children have tried out themselves or we have heard great things from friends.

SMB Featured Camps

iD Tech Camp at ASU University  At iD Tech Camps, students ages 7-17 learn to code, design video games, produce videos, mod Minecraft, create with Roblox, engineer robots, model and print 3D characters, work with AI and machine learning, build laptops, learn about cyber security, and more! Week-long, day and overnight summer programs that instill in-demand skills and embolden students to shape the future.

Best All Inclusive Camps

Children’s Museum of Phoenix {three floors full of activities and free time to keep the kids having fun}

Best Sports Camps

AZ on the Rocks {the camp mixes all different types of sports, rock climbing, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga and more}

Camp Hubbard {keep them busy with a variety of sports} 

Ice Den Skating Summer Lessons {only time you or the kids have a chance to be cold this summer}

Parkour Camp {fun way to burn off that extra energy}

Sportball Camp {half-day sports camp that introduces children to two new sports a day}

Best Science & Arts Camps

Codakid {way better than the kids playing Minecraft at home all summer}

As You Wish Pottery {a great value and you get a hand painted souvenir}

Carrie Curran {perfect for that budding artist}

Primrose Adventure Camp {engineering design challenges, field trips & more}

Scottsdale Artists’ School {love this program}

Best Cooking Camps

Sweet Basil {this is one camp I would really like to attend too}

Sur La Table {the science of cooking for kids}

Best Theater/Performing/Musical Camps

Desert Stages {three different productions planned}

More Than Modeling {classes are fun, educational and affordable}

Conservatory of Dance {musical theater and princess camps available}

Best 5 and under Camps

Little Gym {different theme each week}

JCC Preschool Camp {they have a few different camps for all ages}

KidsPark {need a break for me-time at Starbucks or a Costco run, KidPark to the rescue!}

Other Ideas

Arizona Science Center Camp {heard great things about this camp}

Arizona Animal Welfare League {great way to learn about animals}

It’s All About Etiquette {teach your kids some great life skills}

Tranquility Trails’ Bunny Camp {this is a dream come true for my kids, playing with bunnies}

Coyote Camp {who wouldn’t want to go to this camp, your child gets to hang out at a Valley resort all day}

Any other great Arizona camps we should add to the list? Do you have a favorite we should try out? Please leave your recommendations in the comments. 



  1. Thsee are great recommendations! I love the suggestion of doing activities they express interest in, but that there is no time in the school year.

  2. The Hubbard Sports Camps, offered in different valley locations, look phenomenal too…and the kids will be exhausted each day (BONUS!)


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