The Best Experience for Your Kids This Summer


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Summer is right around the corner and this is the time parents make decisions about camps. Although day camps are a great option, why not give your kids a different experience? Consider sending your kids to a sleepaway camp. Initially you may be hesitant to make this move, but why not take the leap? A sleepaway camp is a rite of passage for many kids and the activities, experiences and lessons they will learn will definitely create great memories.

Offer your kids the best experience this summer – Not convinced yet?

Read these 7 reasons why you should send your kids to sleepaway camp: 

  1. Independence –  Our kids lead sheltered lives where parents take care of things or help them prepare. Kids need to learn what it is like in the “real” world and the experience at a sleep away camp will help them take care of themselves, sign up for activities and most importantly, make decisions without consulting Mom or Dad;
  2. Adventure- Trying new activities that will help them conquer their fear and cultivate a love for an adventure that they didn’t consider before. Bring on the ziplines, obstacle courses, and canoes;
  3. Unplug- Kids need to have a week in the wilderness with no phones, tablets, kindles, X boxes and tv! No posting on Instagram or Facebook, but learning to just BE in the MOMENT;
  4. New friends- I want my kids to make new friends and have those special camp traditions of hugs and goodbyes from cabin mates at the end of the week. Kids might enjoy keeping in touch with their camp pals by writing letters, emailing or even visits during the school year.
  5. Camp traditions-  The traditions that kids will learn at camp will ones they remember as adults. They will experience morning wakeup call, bug juice, GAGA, camp talent show, capture the flag and ghost stories. I have amazing memories from my own camp days!
  6. The great outdoors –Connecting with trees, lakes, cabins and the outdoor elements will cultivate a love of nature and solitude. Hiking, walking and hanging on the camp grounds will help kids to love the outdoors.
  7. My kids were ready last year –  But I was not. I paid a deposit last year to send my son, but then chickened out. I know they won’t be able to talk or text me or Facetime me and that is OK! I may call the camp once or twice and have them check on my kids, but we are going to DO this. This mom is going to be brave and only cry for 5 minutes in the car post drop-off. There are lessons that children can learn away from their parents and I believe I am preparing my kids to navigate their own road.

How did your kids fare at sleepover camp? Any tips for parents sending their kids for the first time?


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