No Fuss or Hassle: An Easy Birthday Party Theme


party3Two of my son’s favorite things to do are eat donuts and dig in the dirt with his construction trucks, so that became an easy and fun theme for his 3rd birthday party. For the most part it was a big playdate where the kids ran around the backyard playing with trucks and cars, but I tried to incorporate some themed activities and let Carson help out with the preparations whenever possible. We had the party in the morning while the kids were in their best moods and so they could wear themselves out before going home for a nap. We served easy breakfast food including donuts from Bosa Bakery, lots of fresh fruit and mini yogurt parfaits. We also had lots of coffee for the grownups and juice for the little ones.


Donut Cake: This was as simple as it gets, arrange a bunch of donuts on a cake platter or regular plate, put some candles on top, and you’re done! The kids still got their fill of sugar and frosting and I didn’t have to spend a couple of hours baking.

Photo Op: This was a fun project for Carson and I the week beforehand. We found a big box, cut a square hole at about the height of Carson, and then built the digger around the hole with poster board and paint. Carson helped with the painting and all of the kids loved having their picture taken in the “digger.”

Decorations: I stuck with the “diggers” theme for décor and made lots of construction signs for the doors and tables with ideas I found on Pinterest. Carson help put all of the construction stickers on the signs which helped keep him occupied the day before.

party5Donut Toss: I found the giant inflatable donut on Amazon, the kids could try to toss the donut around their friends, or toss balls through the middle of the donut. It was a fun way to incorporate donuts into the party without actually having to eat them again.

Digging for Treasure: I found gold coins and had my husband bury them in the rocks while the kids were distracted eating. We broke out the shovels, dump trucks, and buckets and the kids were released to go wild and dig for their treasure.                                                                                                                                                                      party4

Favors: To stick with the theme, we gave the kids a small bucket and shovel to continue their digging at home, a Hot Wheels car because they are another of Carson’s favorite things, and donut cookies because I am positive they did not get enough sugar and sweets during the actual party.

It was such a fun morning for Carson and a great time to catch up with friends. Keeping things simple made the planning and preping a lot less stressful and everyone was able to enjoy the party.

Do you have an easy birthday party idea to share? Please share in the comment section. 

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Jessica Becker has been living in the Valley of the Sun for eleven years and very much enjoys missing out on the Iowa winters that she grew up in. She is the mother of three extremely energetic boys (6, 4 and 2) and wife to her wonderful husband of seven years, Mark. She is a former elementary teacher turned stay at home mom and editor for SMB. She loves to spend time reading good books, running outside, barre classes, drinking iced lattes or champagne, trying out new recipes for her family, and coming up with creative activities to keep her boys busy.


  1. A photo shoot before the party is a fantastic idea! I’ve never thought of doing that but it could be really fun for them. Thanks for the idea.


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