Rainbow Loom Bands {sponsored review}


I have a full blown Rainbow Loom ADDICT at my house.

My nine year old daughter is obsessed with all things Rainbow Loom. She watches YouTube videos and makes anything and everything out of those little colored rubber bands.

this is a monkey….in case it is hard to tell!

She has made monkeys, dragons, snakes, owls, turtles, coin purses, key chains and lots and lots of bracelets with her rainbow loom.

I love that she is so creative with her hobby.

I love that she figures out most of the steps on her own with the videos and trial and error.

a minion bracelet for a friend
a minion bracelet for a friend

And most of all, I love that she gives these homemade gifts away to friends, teachers and family.

She has made favorite animals for grandparents, she made me a key chain that glows in the dark (and I can easily spot in my dark purse), and she has made favorite team colored bracelets for everyone in the family.

This sense of creating something is awesome and then the act of giving makes me really proud of her.

6000 pieces!
6000 pieces!

Sooooo, you can imagine how very happy my kid was when this 6000 piece Rainbow Loom set came in the mail! It has ten different vibrant colors, the rubber bands are good quality, and at 6000 pieces, this should keep her busy for a long while!

Do you have a child obsessed with this new craft? What fun items has your child made?

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