Ode To Girl Scout Cookies


Ode to

There are these girls,
they call themselves “Scouts,”
and they make a big splash once per year.
They head door-to-door
and block grocery stores
with their smiles that reach ear to ear.

“Hello!” one will say,
as cute as a button.
“Support us and buy some cookies?”
You pause for an inkling —
oh, who are you kidding?
You know you won’t leave without three!

Decision time comes,
Now, what’ll you have:
Lemon, caramel or toffee?
“I…. uh…. hmm…” you stammer,
not sure what’s the matter.
Jan 1 Resolutions a faint memory…

Do-si-dos are half PB,
so there is your protein.
Cran-Citrus sounds healthy enough
to pass for a salad…
Rah-Rah Raisin!
You’ve got it!
That one is all fruity stuff!

Thin Mints are no brainers;
Just like Tagalongs.
The husband would never forgive
if you came home without.
So, in truth, there’s no doubt:
These two six are for your marriage.

Lemonades add some freshness…
Toffee-tastics, why not?
Toss in a box or four.
Samoas – you know it!
Can’t even control it!
When they’re gone, I’ll cry for some-mo-a.  (Snort! See what I did there??)

Finally: Shortbreads,
the overlooked gem
in the crown of the Girl Scout regime.
“What of us??” they boo-hoo;
You don’t want to be rude!
So you tag on a box, too, of these.

Your order is placed,
then the dad of the Scout
delivers the verdict and grins:
“Let’s see; that’ll be………….
Seven hundred and three.”
…And now you’re too poor for the gym!!


  1. Hilarious!!!!! “Thin mints for your marriage” might become a new tagline around here…. I can’t stand them, but David loves them! Haha!! But the “some-mo-a”s are MY favorite!! lol


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