Presidential Knowledge Boost: Quizzes, Crafts, Videos for this President’s Day



Hello Moms! If you, like me, are a little rusty with your Presidential knowledge, here are some resources to brush up your Super Brain this President’s Day.


Pop Quiz: Which president had a mouth full of dentures, and therefore was meticulous about his horses’ dental care?  Find this and other presidential secrets at PBS Kids WayBack, which also helps them decide if they’d run for president, and what it takes to run a campaign. You can also take basic quizzes online to brush up before the kids start asking you questions.


Especially if your children are home today, you may want to fill the time with one of these nine patriotic craft activities for kids. You could also look for printables of your favorite presidents, like George Washington, and let the kids color or complete word searches about those presidents.


The History Channel has a series of 2~5 minute videos discussing Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Assassination plot, the Gettysburg Address, Presidential fun facts, and more.  If you have teenagers who have the attention span to sit through full-length movies providing in-depth explorations of several presidents, check out the American Experience focus on the Presidents.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out the National Education Association‘s list of president’s day activities!

Image: 2009 Five Presidents George W. Bush, President Elect Barack Obama, Former Presidents George H W Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter Portrait by Beverly & Pack via Flickr.


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